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“I lost my friend to a heart attack” Here’s How This Test Kit Can Save M’sian Lives!


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We all know that using health test kits to tackle health issues has been the norm in recent years, but recently we found out that there’s a test kit which helps to detect heart muscle damage that could cause heart attacks!

It’s called the Troponin I Rapid Test Kit and it can detect early signs of a heart attack in just 10 minutes! But before we dive further into this nifty test kit, here’s what you should know about silent heart attacks 👇:


Silent heart attacks can affect anyone and should never be underestimated

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To get a better understanding of heart issues, we at WOB spoke to Chee, who recently lost a friend to complications caused by silent heart attacks.

“It caught us by surprise because he exercises a lot and is an avid football player. He just collapsed one day without warning and passed away at the hospital the next day. We only found out from post-mortem results that he had a heart attack.”

Malaysians find heart attacks to be a daunting health issue and with good reason. Based on the Statistics on Causes of Death Malaysia 2023 report by the Department of Statistics Malaysia, heart disease was the top cause of early death among Malaysians in 2022, making up 18.4% of medically certified deaths in that year.

This is because contrary to popular belief, young age doesn’t necessarily mean you’re clear of heart problems. To illustrate, here are a few more statistics unearthed by several studies:

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Silent heart attacks can be particularly insidious due to their nature which shows little to no noticeable symptoms. You could be experiencing a silent heart attack and not even know it! If you’re afflicted by high-risk factors such as a sedentary lifestyle or a family history of heart problems, then it’s time to start reconsidering your life choices because if these go unaddressed, it can lead to heart health issues, heightened complications and even fatalities down the line.

It also helps that some silent heart attack cases could be prevented entirely if patients are aware of and can identify the warning signs and symptoms within their bodies early on.

For this reason, we highly implore you to get tested with the Troponin I Rapid Test Kit!


Malaysians can now use the innovative Troponin I Rapid Test Kit to detect early signs of a heart attack in just 10 minutes!

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Brought to you by Rapha Healthcare Pte Ltd and eMedAsia Sdn Bhd, this groundbreaking tool can be your first line of defence against heart problems! The Troponin I Rapid Test Kit is capable of detecting early signs of a heart attack in 10 minutes, which gives users a critical window for intervention!


Here’s how this test kit works!

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As implied by its name, this test kit relies on Troponin I, which is an enzyme that is unique to one’s heart muscle. During specific conditions such as a heart attack, levels of Troponin I can become elevated as it is released into the bloodstream within hours of the onset of symptoms. Troponin I levels are determined as follows:

  • Normal range: 0 – 0.04 ng/ml
  • Probable heart attack: Above 0.04 ng/ml

With the importance of this enzyme as well as the measurement of level in mind, the Troponin I Rapid Test Kit works by measuring said levels of Troponin I in the bloodstream. While Troponin I tests have existed before, this innovative Rapid Test Kit is particularly amazing as it cuts down the time needed to prescribe diagnosis and emergency treatment using results that are fast, convenient and accurate. Plus, this test has been validated and used globally by medical professionals too!

While this kit is not available for home use, professionals love this test kit for its super simple mechanism! Here’s why they recommend it:

  • Fast: It only takes up to 10 minutes for you to get your test results. (Traditional tests can take up to 2 hours.)
  • Accurate: The test kit is 99% accurate in detecting heart muscle damage in patients.
  • Almost painless: Just one prick of the finger and three drops of blood are all you need to complete the test.
  • Allows for further action: If a high level of Troponin I is shown through the test, doctors can suggest that the patient get admitted for treatment and take precautionary measures to avoid further complications.


Silent heart attacks won’t wait!

@say_shazril0Act FAST Biasa tak dengar gastrik gastrik paap rupanya sakit jantung? Kebas2 tangan kiri paap rupanya sakit jantung? Ahaa ni semua boleh jadi simptom2 SILENT HEART ATTACK. Not just high cholesterol but also High Blood Pressure and Diabetes! (Holy Trinity) Dan zaman sekarang ni heart attack tak kira usia, ada yg muda meninggal tiba2 lepas bersukan, meninggal tiba2 kat rumah. Inilah juga sebab kenapa penyakit jantung terus menjadi pembunuh nombor 1 di Malaysia for so many years. Sekiranya ada simptom, JANGAN TUNGGU pergi ke clinic for Troponin I Rapid Test dekat LINK IN MY BIO FOR MORE INFO. BETTER SAFE THAN SORRY k peeps?♬ original sound – say_shazril

Remember, the speed of one being diagnosed is the key to saving one’s life. The sooner you find out if you’re at risk of silent heart attacks and/or other heart problems, the better. If you wait any longer, your condition might deal more damage to the heart and cause irreversible loss of functions in your body.

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If you or any of your loved ones are afflicted by the symptoms or risk factors shown above, we highly suggest getting tested with the Troponin Rapid I Test Kit at one of the clinics or hospitals listed here.

Say NO to silent heart attacks! For more info on the test kit and all things related to Rapha Health, you can visit their website.


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