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“I got put in an ambulance!” – 4 Malaysians Share The Craziest Thing They Did on It’s The Ship


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It’s The Ship is Asia’s LARGEST party at sea, so you can imagine how many people were distraught when they went on a 3 year hiatus no thanks to the pandemic.

Well, the wait is finally over! Because they’re back with their sailing on 8 – 10 March 2023 which you can expect to be bigger and better than ever!

If you’re not convinced, hear some of these crazy stories from past shipmates you can get nowhere else.


1. I got thrown into a swimming pool by an Aussie I just met

Jess Chow, 30

Whatsapp Image 2023 01 31 At 12.27.44 Am 1

So, a little backstory… I just met Michelle through a friend on It’s The Ship 2017. Like a girl who met her Prince Charming, we ran into each other again as I was walking down towards the mainstage and she was heading up the same stairs.

Our eyes locked on each other and without a word, we knew we’re in for a wild night together (or maybe that was just the booze talking).

After some partying, we walked by the pool and said hi to a friendly bunch. They were Australians and out of nowhere Michelle said to one of the guys,

“I’ve a big problem.”
“What is it?” the guy responded.

“She doesn’t wanna get into the pool,” Michelle replied as she gestured towards me.

Before I could even process or react to what was about to transpire, the guy grabbed me and launched himself into the pool, pulling me along with him. I was soaking wet, but they made it up with a whole bottle of Grey Goose after!

Besides partying till sunrise everyday, the best experience you could ever asked for on board is meeting people you’ll never expect to be a big part in your life ❤️

We’re still best friends till today but one of these days, I’ll definitely get her back for this!


2. I rode in an ambulance and then got wheelchaired back on The Ship

Michelle Tan, 30


It’s The Ship is full of energy. Being FOMO, I partied all night with approximately only 3 hours sleep per night.

On the third day, the ship docked while we all took a smaller boat to Pattaya to continue partying on the beach. Several beers and shots later, I… passed out.

The rest of the story was recounted to me by my mate.

An ambulance was called in because I didn’t wake up. My friend panicked because if we got sent to the hospital, we could not get back onboard The Ship and would be stranded on Pattaya.

On the way to the hospital, my friend heavily insisted to the medics that we get dropped off at the dock, where people are reboarding the ship. Thankfully they agreed. 

A wheelchair was given and he strenuously got me back to the ship where attendees then wheeled me to the medic centre onboard. Yes, I didn’t even know there was one on the ship!

Hours later, I woke up feeling refreshed and was able to leave the medic centre. The doctor asked if I could walk or if I’d like to be wheeled back to my room, I slyly said,

“Wheeled back of course!”


PS: Get enough rest and hydrate yourself enough so you don’t pass out and cause a big panic among your friends.



Mario & Mike, 33

This was the bathtub in question.

Its The Ship 2019 Day 2 All 9636 Photo By Colossal Photos X All Is Amazing 1

We had one job – to take care of a bathtub. The reason we have this bathtub is to do bottle rituals and for VIPs to do champagne showers. We bought it in Malaysia and shipped it all the way to Singapore and brought it onboard.

On the second day of ITS 2016, it rained so hard that we had to move the stage to the indoor ice skating rink. It turned out to be one of the best parties.

Its The Ship 2019 Day 1 All 8252 Photo By Colossal Photos X All Is Amazing 1

In the midst of the chaos, we forgot about the tub. We only realised while we were doing our rounds, checking if everything was in place. We walked past the spot where we left the bathtub a few times. The third time we stopped and went WAIT A MINUTE- WHERE’S THE TUB?!


4. From strangers to planning his proposal

Dray Yong, 32

Whatsapp Image 2023 02 04 At 12.11.38 Pm

The year was 2018 and it was my first time being on It’s The Ship. A friend brought me over to his group of friends, and there was this guy in a Justin Oh cap vibing with everyone.

Before I could even finish saying hi, I had Roku Gin poured into my mouth. Directly from the bottle. He and his friends did it over and over again as the party went on through the night. Next thing I knew, we’ve made it til’ sunrise. This photo was taken to commemorate the new friendship and vibes that were had. Guess what though? I don’t remember this photo being taken, and I only saw it when he sent it to me after finding me on Instagram.

Fast forward to 2022, I’ve been a part of planning his proposal, attended his wedding as a brother and even celebrated his daughter’s 100th day. 

Whatsapp Image 2023 02 04 At 12.18.51 Pm Whatsapp Image 2023 02 04 At 12.18.52 Pm

Who would have thought that a night I literally forgot could lead to so many unforgettable memories being forged. A shipmate for a couple of nights, but a brother for life.

This March, we will become shipmates once more – the only thing left to do.


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