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HK Actor Visits M’sia for Blackpink’s Concert, Gets Upset When Someone Asked “Isn’t HK in China too?”


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Source: Facebook | 杜汶澤

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The relations between the people in Hong Kong and China have been rather tense, which goes a long way back and you can read more about it here. A Hong Kong actor recently expressed his disappointment during a conversation with one of the restaurant workers in KL.

The actor, Chapman To recently came to Malaysia with his wife, Kristal Tin to attend Blackpink’s concert in Bukit Jalil.

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It was not the couple’s first time in Malaysia as they’re a fan of the country, but here’s what happened recently during Chapman’s visit to a restaurant in KL.

“Isn’t Hong Kong in China too?”

Out of courtesy, Chapman asked the restaurant worker if the business is doing well, to which the latter said it was doing better thanks to the tourists, including those from China.

Chapman then politely said that tourists from China are better and richer, and the restaurant worker agreed to that. However, Chapman did not sit well with the question that came from another worker.

“Isn’t Hong Kong in China too?”

He was not happy with the question, and in fact, he was actually mad at the question. Regardless, he kept his cool and simply responded by saying,

“Of course. I’m sorry, my bad.”

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The worker then left Chapman after the response. In his Facebook post yesterday (March 5), Chapman said that he would have loved for a debate when he was younger, and even thought that only a coward would avoid one. However, that’s not the case now, all thanks to his 1 and only principle. 

“If the people who I hate can just stay away from me, it’ll be my life’s biggest achievement.”

Chapman also said that life is short and he’s doing what he can to be happy and avoid tension.

Regardless, Chapman said that he’s still a fan of Malaysia because the place is filled with his friends and good people.

“I’ll plan when to come here again. See you next time, KL!”

The worker was just asking

Many Malaysians have since criticised him for harboring anger at someone who was just fact-checking, and said that he shouldn’t have hated someone just for that reason.

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“I think the worker was just reminding him that Hong Kong is part of China. Why would he be mad about that? He’s just sensitive and arrogant.”

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“Why would he hate the restaurant worker? For all we know, the restaurant worker is the one that dislikes him.”

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“You’re a fan of KL, but people in KL are not necessarily a fan of yours.”

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“This is Malaysia, if you don’t like it here, you can just leave.”

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“I think the restaurant worker was simply asking, and she meant no harm.”


Posted by 杜汶澤 on Saturday, March 4, 2023

To those who are not aware, Hong Kong reverted back to Chinese rule on July 1, 1997. The turnover was protested by a few thousand Hong Kongers, and to this day, the conflict in the relationship between the people in those 2 countries remains.

Regardless, do you think Chapman’s anger for the question is understandable?


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