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Here’s Why M’sians Visiting Tokyo MUST Drop By TOKYO SKYTREE, the World’s Tallest Tower!


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Source: Tokyo Skytree

Tokyo holds a special place in Malaysians’ hearts, ranking high among our favourite travel destinations. While the city boasts an array of tourist attractions, one gem has been drawing rave reviews from many travellers: 

And that’s none other than TOKYO SKYTREE, a magnificent tower that promises to elevate every Tokyo trip to new heights (both figuratively and literally)

Other than treating you to a breathtaking view of Tokyo city, TOKYO SKYTREE has also partnered with Japan’s renowned photographer, Tomosaki, to share invaluable photography tips. With a massive following of over 550,000 fans on social media, Tomosaki’s expertise ensures that your snapshots will be nothing short of spectacular!

Now, let us tell you why TOKYO SKYTREE is not just another attraction, but an essential stop on any Tokyo itinerary! 


1. Spot Mount Fuji from TOKYO SKYTREE

Soaring at an impressive height of 634 metres, TOKYO SKYTREE stands as the tallest tower in the world. Nestled in the heart of Tokyo’s bustling downtown, this architectural masterpiece offers panoramic views of the Tokyo skyline and surrounding landscapes— a once-in-a-lifetime experience no tourist would want to miss! 

When the sky is clear, you can even catch Mount Fuji gracing the horizon! Psst… the prime time to visit is during winter when the air is clear, thanks to lower moisture levels!

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2. Indulge in Tokyo’s lively cityscape at Tembo Deck

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Head to the 4th floor, and prepare to be dazzled by the breathtaking Tembo Deck! Located at a height of 340 to 350 meters, this stunning platform boasts an open layout with expansive panoramic windows encircling 360 degrees, offering views stretching up to 70 meters into the horizon.

Its most distinctive feature is the reinforced glass flooring, comprising overlapping glass panels that dare you to take that thrilling step into the sky!

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Tomosaki’s photography tips:

  • Backlighting: Position the subject within window frames to capture their silhouette while they make large gestures.
  • Contrast: Stand approximately 90 degrees from the light source to capture striking photos with dramatic light and shadow contrasts.
  • Reflection: Place the camera near the glass floor to capture reflections of the subject and the sky (centre the subject within thick window frames).
  • Mount Fuji: Minimise reflections by placing the lens close to the glass window. Centre Mount Fuji within the frame for optimal composition.

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3. Admire Tokyo’s Skyline at Tembo Galleria 

Tembo Galleria is situated at a height of 445 to 450 meters. Here, you can stroll along a 110-meter-long sloping corridor, reaching its peak at an impressive 451.2 meters. But that’s not all – the Skywalk is also the highest in Tokyo, unveiling expansive panoramas that stretch farther than ever before witnessed! 

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Tomosaki’s photography tips: 

  • Opt for spots where sunlight shines into the corridor, creating striking contrasts between light and shadow.
  • Place the subject near the glass window to incorporate the stunning Tokyo scenery into the shot.
  • Shoot from a higher angle so that the subject’s face doesn’t overlap with any shadows. 

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4. Snap perfect shots with the TOKYO SKYTREE tower at Solami-zaka

Ready to capture stunning shots with the TOKYO SKYTREE tower as your backdrop? Make your way to Solami-zaka, which is located on the 2nd floor of TOKYO Solamachi (commercial hub). This spot offers prime views of the majestic TOKYO SKYTREE, ensuring picture-perfect backdrops that are sure to elevate your photos!

Tomosaki‘s photography tips:

  • Get low: Position the camera as close to the ground as possible to capture the entire TOKYO SKYTREE tower.
  • Keep it lively: Encourage the subject to move around or engage in activities to add energy and authenticity to the photos.

Dsc 6507 1


5. Explore Tokyo’s enchanting nightscapes 

Dsc 6900 Hdr 2

If you love night city views, Tokyo’s nocturnal transformation is a must-see! As dusk descends, Tembo Galleria’s corridor comes alive with the soft glow of ambient lights lining the walkway and ceiling.

Spot the iconic Tokyo Tower rising above the cityscape, and don’t forget to take in the sight of the moon, completing the perfect backdrop to Tokyo’s after-dark charm!

Dsc 6865 Enhanced Nr

Tomosaki’s photography tips:

  • Aim high: Shoot from a high angle and have the subject look out the window, drawing viewers’ eyes outward.
  • Reach for the moon: Have the subject extend a hand towards the moon, wait for the ceiling lights to turn white and cast a glow that resembles moonlight.
  • Spotlight Tokyo Tower: Ensure Tokyo Tower is positioned at the centre of the frame to make it pop.
  • Center the moon: Place the moon along the central axis of the photo for a captivating night view.

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Whether you’re drawn to panoramic views or the romantic nighttime ambience, a visit to TOKYO SKYTREE promises unforgettable memories. So, why wait? Embark on an adventure to TOKYO SKYTREE and let Tokyo’s cityscapes captivate your heart and soul!

For more information about TOKYO SKYTREE, visit their official website. Don’t forget to follow them on Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates!