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Here’s Why Malaysians Love These Locally-Made Shoes That Cost As Low As RM5



Malaysians Would Take These Made-In-Malaysia Shoes Over Branded Footwear Any Day - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Sticky Rice Travel

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This fuss-free pair of shoes that’s made in Malaysia has been making the lives of rubber tappers and estate workers easy since decades ago, and nowadays, they’re so popular that more and more Malaysians have been spotted wearing them!

In case you haven’t heard of it, this shoe is widely known as Adidas kampung, but make no mistake because it’s not produced by Adidas. Wonder why it’s called Adidas then?

Legend has it that poor villagers who couldn’t afford football boots would turn to these rubber shoes as cheaper alternatives because they normally come with studs at the base that provide good traction on the field. With diagonal stripes on the sides, the shoe looks like a pair of football boots produced by Adidas, and works like one too!

Hence the moniker was born.

This name is so catchy and popular that it became an umbrella term for all locally-made rubber shoes.

Since it’s made from nothing else but rubber, jungle trekkers, estate workers and rubber tappers mostly wore these shoes to take full advantage of its waterproof traits.

The studs at the base also provide excellent traction when walking in slippery and muddy conditions; some even said that it works better than branded hiking shoes! Wah, really meh?

Source: Instagram

Perhaps the most mind-blowing fact is that you can actually get a pair of these rubber shoes from RM5 to RM10, depending on your location!

Heck, one netizen even bought a pair for his wife for only RM4.80! 

However, at this unbeatable price point, don’t expect any ankle support like you’d get in those expensive trainers. 

Malaysians who love camping, jungle trekking and mountain climbing absolutely love these shoes because your feet will stay dry all the time. Well, unless you’ve just crossed a river. Even then, you can just pour the water out and you’re good to go. Convenient right?

City folks, especially motorcyclists, would often keep a pair with them for rainy days!

Adidas kampung comes in different variations too nowadays; with studs or without, laces or no laces, black or white. Some of the more famous brands include Bowling, Ostrich, Cap Gajah, Osaki, and Goco.

If you’re looking to get one, it’s widely available at any pasar malam, hardware store, grocery store and Mr DIY outlets, in both small towns and big cities. You just have to worry about getting the right size! 

Even foreigners find the Adidas kampung fascinating! 

The Adidas kampung certainly ticks all the boxes, be it in the form of practicality, comfort, maintenance and affordability. I think it’s safe to crown this shoe as the ‘mother of all shoes’.


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