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GSC Just Released SALTED EGG YOLK Popcorn and It’s Mind-Blowingly Good!



GSC Launches SALTED EGG YOLK Popcorn and It's Mind-Blowingly Good! - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: WOB

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Salted egg yolk snacks are all the rage right now, as everyone can’t stop talking about how delicious they are. So, when we heard that Golden Screen Cinemas Malaysia has launched the salted egg yolk flavour for their famous Shake Shake Popcorn, we knew we had to get our hands on it.

Source: GSC

For RM11.50, we got ourselves a generous bag of popcorn (à la carte) that can easily feed up to three people (or just one if you’re really hungry). As usual, the popcorn comes with a sachet of salted egg yolk seasoning, which you have to add into the paper bag and shake thoroughly so it mixes well.

Source: WOB

Source: WOB

We shared it among our colleagues in the office and everyone was pleasantly surprised by how good it tasted. No seriously, it’s really good. Here’s our review after happily devouring the bag in mere minutes.


The kernels

First thing first, the kernels without the seasoning (yes, I sampled them before adding the sachet in) are fresh and crunchy. Each individual kernel immediately crumbled at first bite instead of becoming flattened and getting annoyingly stuck between the teeth.

This means we can save ourselves the hassle of using our tongue to remove the flattened kernel. 

Besides, we also noticed that the plain popcorn actually tasted sweet and savoury. I even dare say that it’s good enough to eat on its own!


The salted egg yolk seasoning

After shaking thoroughly, we offered it to our colleagues to try and all of them literally had this expression:

The seasoning was salty enough without being OTT while retaining the exquisite taste of salted egg yolk. The flavour is pronounced yet not overtly strong.

With every bite, the salted egg yolk flavour just keeps building up in your mouth, which can be highly addictive. It even made us consider heading out in the heat again to get a couple more bags!

The coating-to-popcorn ratio was spot-on too, as no kernel was left behind un-coated. Either that or I’m a master popcorn shaker. 


Source: WOB

After a few servings, our fingers were enveloped in a thin layer of salted egg yolk seasoning, and licking them off was so heavenly that it made us believe in higher power again. 


So, is this popcorn for you? 

Well, if anything borderline-bland isn’t your thing and you enjoy heavily-seasoned food that won’t make your throat dry like the Sahara dessert right after, then this popcorn is tailor-made for you. Also, don’t worry about it getting too salty because you can always cleanse your palate with a cup of iced Coke if you get the combo!

FYI, this promotion lasts from 15 January to 28 March 2018, while stocks last. Btw, this is not a paid review guys. 

Frankly speaking, the popcorn was so good that we’d opt for this popcorn over potato chips any day; but don’t take our word for it, go try it out for yourselves and you’ll know what we’re talking about! 


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