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Former M’sian Gangster Confronts Ah Long on Victim’s Behalf, Offers Help to Anyone in Similar Situations


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Source: @Mustafa_khan2203 | TikTok

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Loan sharks, also known as Ah Longs, are a rather significant problem in Malaysia. They often times take advantage of those who are down on their luck and are in need of money but giving loans only to charge sudden and massive interest fees. Oh, and it also doesn’t help that they damage property and threaten people.

Despite numerous cases of such problems being reported to the police, nothing much has been done about this. So, who can you call should you face a menacing Ah Long?

Former gangster, Mustafa Khan, took to his TikTok account to showcase how he and his entourage had confronted a loan shark demanding more money from a victim who had more than paid off more than double of his debt.

Loan Shark 1

He wrote, “Today (June 9), I received a complaint from a victim of an Ah Long, he had loaned RM1,500 from the Ah Long and had already made a payment of RM4,000 (in return), though the Ah Long still wants to claim as much as RM12,000 from the victim.”

“That’s not the only thing that’s happened as the Ah Long once broke into the victim’s house and stole his laptop.”


In the video, Mustafa Khan can be seen confronting a man, to which he has shared is the loan shark. 

Loan Shark 3

“Who gave you permission to go to his (the victim’s) house and take his things? Okay, now, I want the item back,” he said to the loan shark, to which he replied, “Okay.”

At one point, Mustafa Khan even managed to get the loan shark to say ‘sorry’ to the victim. Not going to lie, that was quite satisfying to watch. 

Loan Shark 2

The loan shark then also agreed to return the victim’s laptop.


Mustafa Khan went on to explain that, should anyone have similar problems with Ah Longs, scammers and more, they can contact him and his team for help.

Loan Shark 4

“If you have a problems with Ah Longs, scammers, licensed money lenders, investment scams, you can contact us and get help, you can get my number from my TikTok bio,” he added.

Should you encounter such issues, you can drop Mustafa Khan a WhatsApp at +601159073549.


You can check out the video here


Hari ini 9/6 saya telah menerima aduan daripada mangsa ahlong bahawa dia telah mengambil duit Rm 1500.00 daripada ahlong dan dia telah pun membuat pembayaran sebanyak Rm 4000.00 dan manakala ahlong tersebut masih lagi ingin menuntut sebanyak Rm 12 000.00 daripada mangsa. Bukan itu sahaja,Ahlong tersebut pernah mencereboh ke rumah mangsa dan mencuri laptopnya. Jika anda mempunyai masalah #ahlong #mangsaahlong #mangsascammer #pinjamanwangberlesen #scam #pelaburan Anda boleh lah menghubungi kami dan mendapatkan bantuan, Anda boleh mendapat nombor saya daripada bio tiktok.

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What do you think of Mustafa Khan’s actions? Do feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section.


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