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Former M’sian Actress Writes Touching Post to Husband Who Passed Away 1 Month Ago


Widow Of &Quot;Popiah King&Quot; Heir Posts Heartbreaking Tribute To Husband A Month After His Death - World Of Buzz 1
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Sometimes death takes our loved ones far too early and we’re left to try to live in their absence.

Former Malaysian actress Tracey Lee was left devastated when Ben Goi, her husband and son of Singaporean tycoon “Popiah King” Sam Goi, suddenly passed away after a brain haemorrhage caused by a stroke which happened in Kuala Lumpur last month (3 Feb). He passed away at the relatively young age of 43, with his only son’s first birthday mere days before his tragic departure.

The 33-year-old widow recently took to Instagram to express her grief, pouring her heart out in a heartbreaking post. Accompanied by a video collage of happy memories the couple had shared in the past, Tracey shares how much she misses her husband.

“It’s been a month… I’m still trying to get used to living without you. This is the longest that you’ve been away from me. Whenever you travelled in the past, I would look continuously at the phone, awaiting your messages. Now, I can only pen down my words to you in a diary.”

She also talks about the void he’s left in the household.

“Every night, I miss your familiar snoring, and the warmth of your hands when I’m cold. When the baby’s crying in the night, his father is not there to cradle him. Your car doesn’t pull into the house at night and the rooms do not smell of you. When I’m sad, I cannot have the comfort of your arms.”

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People always post their best moments here for likes but what about quarrels and disagreements? We all know marriage is no fairytale and we struggle when we transit from married life to having kids. But still i thank God for teaching me to be understanding and submissive. Now that our lives have become one, let’s continue to fill each other with love as we learn to count our blessings. Truly accept your loved ones for who they are is a way to sustain a relationship and I know it’s not easy but I’m grateful and glad that we are learning and getting better at it. Happy 1st anniversary baby ?@bkngoi #countyourBlessing #GodMercies #GodBlessing #tracyleemeileng #FirstAnniversary

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She adds, “Hubby, I miss your bear hug. I want my Aladdin.”

Perhaps the most tragic part of her tribute is their son’s reaction to his absence, where she described what happened. “This morning, I showed him a photo of you hugging him and he pointed at you and said ‘daddy’. He called out to you again, did you hear it?”

She concludes her dedication with a declaration of resilience and courage, refusing to give in to the despair.

“Whenever I feel the tears coming, I’ll look at videos of you, listen to your voice, and remind myself to not be sad because God is looking after us and has never abandoned us.”

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