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Form 5 Kajang Boy Said He’ll Wear Baju Kurung to School for 100 Retweets, and This Happened



Source: Twitter
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We often joke around with social media bets. After all, it’s not like 1,000 random people will really like that post saying you’ll shave your head bald – right? Unfortunately, tempting fate sometimes comes with consequences that will live on in your social media timeline for years to come.

That’s what happened to this Form Five boy who tweeted out that he would a wear a baju kurung to his school if his tweet received 100 retweets. The response his tweet got in return was beyond anything he ever expected. Ultimately, tweet gained over 18,000 retweets and was liked by more than 12,000 Twitter users.


Source: Twitter

The teen, Muhammad Aiman Hisham, age 17, told mStar that he posted the tweet just for fun, and that he did not expect it to go that viral. According to him, his female friends said that he looked ‘ayu’ or feminine, and had thus renamed him “Aimi”. One of his female friends were kind enough to lend him her baju kurung, and he wore the outfit after his school’s Hari Raya celebratory lunch.

Source: Twitter

Muhammad Aiman told mStar that when he arrived to school that day, he was wearing his baju Melayu (with the sampin and all). Then, he changed into the baju kurung after the ‘jamuan’, much to the suprise and delight of his classmates, who complimented him by saying he looked “pretty”.

He later changed back into the baju Melayu for the rest of the day, in time for the Friday Prayers.

The teenager from Kajang, Selangor explained that he wore the baju kurung mainly because of the promise he made to his friends, and his friends jumped at the opportunity to take pictures with him. Awww, so sporting!


He also added that it was not the first time he put out such a tweet. On 1st May 2019, he sent out a tweet saying that he would confess to his crush if the tweet received 150 retweets.

Source: Twitter

Unfortunately, he did not get to do any confessing because that tweet only received 55 retweets. Due to the low retweets the previous tweet received, he decreased the amount of retweets he wanted in the baju kurung tweet. That said, he definitely got a lot more than he bargained for when the Malaysian Twitterverse caught wind of it!

It’s great that Aiman was such a good sport! We’re sure many guys wouldn’t have dared live up to their bets had they made the same one. What’s the worst bet you’ve been called on? Let us know in the comments!


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