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Family in Seremban Leaves Home at 12am, Lines up For Viral Akka Nasi Lemak at 1.30am till Next Morning


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Source: TikTok | meerasha2

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If your food is delicious and you are friendly to your customers, chances are they will return, and might even line up for your food. As a consumer, how long are you willing to be in a queue just to buy your favorite food?

For a family in Seremban, they didn’t want to miss the opportunity to try out the viral “Akka Nasi Lemak” in Seri Kembangan, KL, so they left the house at midnight and reached the place at 1:30 am. To their surprise, there was already a customer waiting and they were the 2nd in line.

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Meera shared a clip of her family’s experience via a TikTok post, and by 2:15 am, the line started to build up after more cars drove into the area and people started to sit on the chairs.

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The way we see it, that’s the power of Nasi Lemak and the effect of social media which made the business viral.

It didn’t actually take long for the crowds to get bigger. Speaking to WORLD OF BUZZ, Meera said there were already 10 customers lined up behind them within minutes.

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Was it an impromptu plan for the family? According to Meera, it was actually her mother’s plan who wanted to try the viral Nasi Lemak so badly.

“My brother, my mom, my aunt and me decided to go there and give it a try.”

Are they a fan of the food? Judging from the long queue every day, it’s no surprise that many are in love with the Nasi Lemak, including Meera and her family. Meera also told WORLD OF BUZZ that they have not returned to the stall since then but it is definitely in their near future plans.

“We have plans to return, and I have thought about going there with my friends too. It actually tasted very good and we loved it!”

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“Many condemned us for what we did but…”

Meera also shared with us about how they were criticised for visiting the location of the stall at midnight just to line up for the food. Despite so, they chose to ignore the criticisms because, to her, there’s nothing wrong in joining the trend once in a while.

“Why not? It’s our money, our time, our energy, and we didn’t hurt anyone. For me, it’s kind of fun to be part of the trend,” Meera told WORLD OF BUZZ.

By the time they left the scene at 8:20 am, there were around 300 people in line.

You can watch the clip below.


24th April 2023 story? left seremban at 12.15 a.m n manage to be the 2nd customer waiting in line at akka kadai nasi lemak seri kembangan.. 1st customer from melaka waiting since 10.30pm? #akkakadainasilemak #akkakadai #akkanasilemakserikembangan #nasilemakviral #sangeethanasilemak @Akka Nasi Lemak Seri Kembangan @Black Mafia ♥️?

♬ original sound – thanu thanojan

The power of social media can no doubt make anything, including a business go viral. To those who have tried the viral Akka Nasi Lemak, what do you think of it? Are you a returning customer, and how long do you spend in the line?


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