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Espresso Mocktails, Pour Over Coffee & More! Here’s Why M’sians Should Visit Gigi Coffee Home Barista Outlet!


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Whenever we talk about local coffee, we definitely can’t exclude Gigi Coffee from the conversation. Gigi Coffee has stolen the hearts of Malaysian fans with their tasty drinks and amazing quality coffee beans. Recently, we heard that they have launched a new Home Barista Outlet where we could experience a whole new menu consisting of specially curated drinks.

Curious to know what’s special about the new outlet? WORLD OF BUZZ was fortunate enough to be invited to the grand launch event to check it out for ourselves and here’s why we think you should, too!

Welcome home to Gigi Coffee Home Barista outlet

Img 0002

Nestled in a quaint location in Glenmarie, the newly launched Home Barista outlet is actually the new headquarters-cum-cafe for Gigi Coffee. Upon walking into the outlet, we were greeted with a calming ambience, thanks to the high ceiling and amicable lighting. The sophisticated and chic interior also reminded us a lot of those aesthetic cafes that you can easily find in Seoul or Bali!

Just check out how fun the ambience was during the Grand Launch in this video below!

Doesn’t this make you want to visit the outlet ASAP? ?

Cover Image 1A

Img 0030

Img 0037

The Home Barista outlet actually has more to offer other than their gorgeous decor. Upon further inspection, we found out that the outlet also acts as a research and development (R&D) centre for the brand.

Img 3603

We were especially attracted to the see-through room in the cafe that contains an in-house roastery centre where their beans get roasted here before being distributed to their nationwide outlets.

Img 0049 Img 0047

Apart from that, the cafe also houses a merchandise corner where we could find their coffee beans for sale and also special collaborations with other local brands such as ana tomy and Eversince. Speaking with one of the staff, we were told that this corner was specially created to feature Gigi Coffee’s collaborations with more local brands in the future.

Img 0015

Img 3593 Img 3586


Here are all the special drinks that you can find here! 

Moving on to the drinks, rest assured you can find part of their usual menu at this outlet as well, such as the bestselling Buttercream Latte, Seasalt Caramel Macchiato and more! However,the true star of the menu here is actually the specialty coffee drinks that are served at this outlet ONLY, which include:

  • Espresso mocktails & specialty drinks
  • Signature pour over coffee

308574507 150792050974455 1781168269527010532 N

Some of the unique drinks in the menu here include:

  • Espresso Nutty-ni (RM18)
  • Irish Peach Latte (RM18)
  • Floral Lychee Americano (RM18)
  • Orange Americano (RM18)
  • Honey Blue Latte (RM17)
  • Tiramisu Latte (RM17)
  • Berry Cream Mocha (RM17)
  • Chocolate Fudge Latte (RM17) *non-coffee option

For the caffeinated options, we were presented with two different coffee bean options which are Brazil beans (made from 100% Brazilian beans) or Home Blend beans (a unique mixture of beans from Brazil (50%), Guatemala (30%) and Indonesia (20%)).

Img 0004

Our WORLD OF BUZZ team managed to try a handful of the drinks and we can confidently say that, even though the drinks may sound adventurous, Gigi Coffee has done a great job in blending complimenting notes to create truly tasty drinks!

Some of our personal favourite drinks were:

  • Honey Blue Latte: The sweet taste of honey really gave a whole new twist to the classic latte drink.
  • Floral Lychee Americano: A delightful mix of coffee with refreshing taste of lychee that surprisingly goes well together!
  • Berry Cream Mocha: A rich blend of creamy mocha paired with fruity berry notes created a nice harmonious taste.

Img 0039

We will definitely be coming back to taste the other specialty drinks in the menu.


Another specialty of the Home Barista outlet was their signature Pour Over Coffee (RM 15).

Img 0032

In case you didn’t know, pour over coffee is prepared with a special method where hot water is poured over ground coffee beans and the coffee gets filtered out. Since the ground coffee is not soaked in water for a long period of time, this method helps to extract the unique notes of the beans without making the coffee too bitter.

Looking at the aesthetically pleasing pour over station, we learned that we could choose from four different types of high-grade beans which come from different origins, namely:

  • Ethiopia
  • Rwanda
  • Indonesia Honey Process
  • Indonesia Natural Process (BTW, this was our personal favourite!)

Img 0137

Img 0049 1

We were lucky enough to be able to sample the coffee from all four beans and we’re happy to report that all of them are really rich in taste and the brewing technique enables us to taste the different notes of the beans.

Amazingly enough, even though we tasted the coffee straight from the filter without any added sugar or milk, it wasn’t overwhelmingly bitter and was really pleasant to drink! This is definitely a must-try for all you coffee connoisseurs out there!

On top of the pour-over demonstration, our WORLD OF BUZZ team also had the privilege of partaking in a Latte Art experience where we were guided by the talented Aaron Phua, Malaysia’s very own 2019 Barista Champion.

Img 0094 Img 0096

What an unforgettable experience!

Apart from the drinks, we were glad to see that the Home Barista outlet also serves various baked goods and local delights such as Nasi Lemak and local kuih-muih.

Img 3495 Img 3611

Psstt… these food can only be found at this outlet, tau!


Celebrate Gigi Coffee‘s 3rd anniversary with these drinks

Yup, you read that right! Gigi Coffee is now three!

To celebrate, they have released five special drinks in conjunction with their third anniversary which are:

  • Buttercream G-Frappe (RM16)
  • Carascotch Latte (RM14)
  • Custard Latte (RM14)
  • Caramilk Latte (RM15)
  • Chocolate Fudge Oat Latte (RM17)

311106722 478031327676876 3090326834628909672 N

If you’re not able to visit the Home Barista outlet anytime soon, don’t be sad! You can also look forward to trying out these special drinks that can be found at all outlets. However, make sure to hurry because these drinks are available for a limited time only from now until 20 November 2022.


So, what’s our final verdict? 

Img 3630

Based on our visit, it’s clear to us that this outlet is not just another cafe, but Gigi Coffee aims to make this a place where coffee lovers can call home, for both the customers and also the baristas who share a great passion for coffee!

Img 3622 1

Img 3542

It’s safe to say that we were really satisfied with the quality of the drinks as well as the aesthetically pleasing interior (which would make the perfect background for the ‘gram, BTW!). But don’t just take our word for it. Do make your way down to the Home Barista outlet which has already opened its doors to the public.

Gigi Coffee Home Barista Outlet:
11, Jalan Kajibumi U1/70,
Kawasan Perindustrian Temasya,
40150, Shah Alam, Selangor.

Operation hours: Opens daily, 8AM – 8.30PM


For more information, you can visit the Gigi Coffee website or you can follow them on Instagram and Facebook for the latest news and promotions!

Source: WOB
Source: WOB

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