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EPF CEO Slammed For Not Giving A Straight Answer During Interview



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Many Employees Provident Fund (EPF) depositors are in a tight squeeze right now, what more with the pandemic still up and alive around the country, impacting income for both the B40 and M40 group.

As desperation and despair hitting a certain few, the i-Sinar initiative was a move that many were eagerly anticipating as the moratorium on bank loans came to an end.

Following the announcement of the i-Sinar initiative during the tabling of Budget 2021, EPF has since come up with their own requirements to the dismay of the public – among them stating that i-Sinar will be given to those whose income has been reduced by 30%.

Explaining more on the matter, was EPF CEO himself, Tunku Alizakri Raja Muhammad Alias in an interview with TV3 that ended with people getting much angrier following the assumptions he made.

Let’s watch the video.

In the interview, the session began with the question, “Let’s talk about the first criteria put in place where those who experience a 30% reduction in salary can apply for Category 1 and Category 2.”

“Imagine a situation where Faiz has an income of RM10,000 a month and because of the pandemic has seen a reduction of 30% in his income, so he earns RM7,000 a month. Based on this criterion he is eligible for the i-Sinar initiative.”

“Imagine a second situation: Khatijah has an income of RM2,000 and she suffered a 20% salary cut which leaves her with only an income of RM1,600. Does this mean that she is not eligible for assistance?”

Here is what the CEO answered.

“For the case of Khatijah, yes, she may have had a reduction of 20% in salary, it is possible that Khatijah too may have a side business selling morsels, so she may have another source of income that is other than her base salary.”

This triggered many angry responses from netizens, as many slammed Alizakri for making assumptions without giving the answer that the people wanted to hear.

“Not everybody has a side income. I felt like punching the TV. He didn’t even attempt to give a straight answer.”

“So he is expecting everyone to have a side income? Or is he confused at who he is supposed to provide assistance to?”

“This CEO has no idea how to answer the interviewer’s questions. All he had to do was answer whether she was eligible or not. Not talk about how she needed to bring bank statements etc.”

For now, only time will tell as to what EPF’s next move will be. Stay tuned for more updates.


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Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

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