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Domino’s Might Be Putting Han Ji-pyeong’s Face On Their Pizza Boxes After Netizens Request For It



Sources: Metro.Style & Bankingbusiness.com

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K-drama fans, exciting news!

Many Kdrama fans are in love with the South Korean drama ‘Start-Up’ played by the one and only Kim Seon-ho who takes on the character of the successful angel investor, Han Ji-pyeong, He is deeply admired by viewers’ and have stolen their hearts with his be-dimpled smile and quiet charm, and the guilt from the past that he has yet to resolve. So, mysterious!

With that being said, many fans are head over heels in love with him! Too in love till a netizen took to Twitter to request Domino’s Pizza to add the face of Han Ji-pyeong (aka Kim Seon-ho) to their pizza boxes. Yes, really. 

You might think that Domino’s may not have responded, but they actually did!

But, of course, nothing comes easy in life. Domino’s gave the netizen a challenge by saying in order for Han Ji-Pyeong’s face to be on the pizza boxes, the netizen would need to get 10,000 retweets.

“If this admin tweet gets 10K RT, admin will place Han Ji-Pyeong’s face on everyone’s boxes,” the tweet read.

In just a couple of hours, many netizens were blowing the tweet up, heading close to 10,000 retweets.

Domino’s Pizza then tweeted once more by saying, “Wow, didn’t expect this tweet to blow up! Okay guys, if can get 10,000 retweets, admin will try to get permission to have Han Ji-Pyeong’s face on the pizza boxes. So, in the meantime, you all just chill first, okay? Admin wants to head to bed, sleepy. Goodnight!”

The effort we put in for our favourite celebrities… 

So, don’t be surprised if we do end up having Han Ji-Pyeong’s face on the pizza boxes soon.

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