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Devoted M’sian Teacher Shows Form 1 Students How to Make Their Bed at Boarding School


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Source: TikTok | hisyam_padzil

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While boarding schools stand as an institute to educate students on a more disciplined level, the thrusts on independence towards these teenagers and kids can be daunting and downright intimidating sometimes. But luckily for a number of students at a boarding school in Pahang, one of their teachers recently taught them a lesson that takes his duties of an educator far beyond a classroom.

Malaysian teacher Hisyam Padzil recently shared a TikTok video to his page @hisyam_padzil of a duty he executed while at the school he teaches at, which is a boarding school in Pahang. Gathering a group of students to what seemed to be a parking lot on the premises, Hisyam demonstrated how students can make their beds daily while boarded at the school.

“A tutorial for my Form 1 kids on how to place their bed sheets and blankets correctly!” wrote Hisyam in the caption of his video.

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In the video, Hisyam began by showing the students how to place bedsheets on their beds, using a single-sized bedframe and mattress as his display. Providing some tips for the kids, he reminded them that the side of the sheet that has their school’s logo on it is meant to be placed at the foot of the mattress.

Carefully tucking every side of the sheet under the mattress, Hisyam also told his students to straighten out their sheets each day, so as to make it look neat. Moving on to the school blanket, Hisyam illustrated how to fold it properly, all while cracking jokes to make the moment light-hearted.

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For his last step, Hisyam showed the kids how to place their pillows into a blue pillow case, checking on whether each kid understood what needed to be done before the video officially ended.

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In a brief conversation with WORLD OF BUZZ, Hisyam revealed that he works as the warden for his school, which is MRSM Tun Ghazali Shafie in Kuala Lipis. Adding context to the video, Hisyam revealed that while there is a designated slot for Form 1 kids to learn how to make their beds during their orientation week, it is nevertheless a big adjustment for most of them.

“At home, other people can do it for them. But here, they have to do it. The most important thing to know at boarding school is that they must follow the rules and be disciplined. Their beds are one of the first problems we see daily. If the first problem cannot be settled, how are they going to handle everything else while they are here?” said Hisyam to WORLD OF BUZZ.

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Garnering an overwhelmingly positive response online, many people praised Hisyam for carrying out what may seem like a small responsibility, though incredibly impactful.

Nevertheless, a few users who also studied in boarding schools prior to this were particularly impressed, as they did not have such a class while they were in these institutes, resorting to having to ask senior students for help or just go along without knowing at all.

“In my time, there wasn’t any tutorial. We had to do it all by ourselves. Even if we asked our seniors, they’d scold us. Today’s kids are very lucky!” commented one user.

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Watch the full TikTok video below:


Tutorial cara memasang Cadar dan Selimut yang betul kepada anak-anak pelajar baru Tingkatan 1. #mrsm #mrsmtgs #mrsmtgskualalipis #mrsmtgsthebest #tingkatan1 #wardenasrama #wardenlife #student #studentlife #budakasrama #budakhostel

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As many of us know, teachers often carry the burden of acting as second parents to their students. We salute Hisyam and all the educators out there who take big strides in guiding the youth.


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