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Denzel Washington Returns For The Equalizer 3! M’sians CANNOT Miss the Finale to This Cinematic Thrill-ogy!


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Thriller movie fans konfem know and love Denzel Washington for his compelling performances in action films, kan? If you’re looking for a new cinematic thriller to keep you on the edge of your seat, then this film starring Denzel Washington himself is just for you!

Strap in for an adrenaline-pumping cinematic ride with The Equalizer 3, starring Denzel Washington, Dakota Fanning and David Denman!

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For those of you who are unfamiliar with this movie series, here are the reasons why you can’t miss the hype surrounding its action-packed third instalment!


1. Super explosive action and immersive plot!

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First, let’s talk about the meat and bones of this epic thriller: its story and action sequences! This new movie will have acclaimed stunt coordinator Liang Yang to thank for designing, choreographing and plotting its action scenes. According to the stunt performer who has worked on Skyfall and Mission: Impossible, we should expect the scenes to be more visceral than ever before!

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But they didn’t slack in the story aspect either! The story will once again follow Robert McCall played by Denzel Washington, who is battling his demons and questioning whether he is a true dealer of justice or being unnecessarily violent to those around him as the Equalizer. Whether it’s compelling action or riveting storytelling you’re looking for, The Equalizer 3 will serve the best of both worlds for you!

Speaking of Denzel Washington…


2. It’s Denzel Washington and Dakota Fanning’s first co-star appearance in 20 years!

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Another significant part of this movie is that this will be Denzel Washington and Dakota Fanning’s first onscreen appearance together since 2004’s Man on Fire!

Commenting on the latter’s performance as Emma, a budding analyst and agent, producer Todd Black said that she has developed a natural acting chemistry with Washington. “To watch them act together was magical because both have a very naturalistic style of acting,” Black said. “She’s already so good to begin with, and to watch her play off of this genius actor just raises everybody’s game.”

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The veteran Denzel Washington also only has good things to say about Fanning’s acting prowess! He said, “She knew how to bring it [as a child star],” he recalls. “Now, she’s really a grown woman, and obviously a great talent. The sky’s the limit for her.” With so many praises for both actors, this duo’s onscreen performance for The Equalizer 3 is a must-see for movie aficionados everywhere!


3. It will be the only Equalizer movie to take place outside of the United States!


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The latest instalment in The Equalizer series will take you to (literal) uncharted territory! Taking place in a small town in southern Italy, Robert McCall looks for a last chance at peace among the tranquil townspeople after a lifetime of vengeance and violence. But then things go awry because of the Italian Mafia, who are bent on invading the small town Robert resides in. Now, Robert has to play hero again and risk sacrificing his own peace for the people he cares about as the Equalizer!

To accommodate the all-new setting of The Equalizer, the filmmakers gathered an ensemble of Italian actors – some who are well-known within Italian cinema, and others who are famous beyond Italy too such as Remo Girone! Even the biggest star Washington said that the younger talents in the film show a lot of promise. He commented, “So many of them have a bright future ahead [in the industry]; I look forward to seeing them work in whatever language.”


4. This will be the last film and the conclusion to The Equalizer trilogy!

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This Equalizer movie will be the last of this epic trilogy, so Robert McCall will definitely go out with a bang for this series’ swansong! With everything put in place from the stellar ensemble cast and Antoine Fuqua’s ambitious directorial vision to the intriguing plot and gripping action sequences, this movie will not disappoint thriller lovers and casual movie fans alike! So don’t miss the chance to catch Robert McCall’s final adventure as The Equalizer!


Catch the pulse-pounding finale to this thrilling movie series at a cinema near you!

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We here at WOB are super excited to catch Denzel Washington’s last outing as McCall and will definitely hang onto the edge of our seats as this former US agent’s hot-blooded tale comes to a close on the big screen! Wanna know how the Equalizer’s story ends? Only one way to find out! Catch The Equalizer 3 in a cinema near you starting this 31 August!

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