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Dates With Butter Combo Goes Viral, Public Health M’sia Warns About Risk of Heart Disease


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Source: Instagram | drzulkifli.albakri & Facebook

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If you run out of cooking oil, butter is a good substitute when it comes to frying. If you have tried it, you’ll never be able to get the aroma out of your mind. Butter is also a fat that goes well with toast but can you imagine having butter with dates?

The food combination recently went viral on social media, with even the Mufti of KL sharing it on his Instagram post @drzulkifli.albakri, saying that the prophets used to eat dates with butter.

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The dates are cut in half and served with a knob of butter sandwiched in between, and the key is to use pure butter instead of margarine.

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The sweet, buttery elements may taste good but considering the amount of butter in a small portion of food, should we be worried about any health risks?

The short answer is YES and NO

A date contains nutrients and minerals but when it’s paired with a knob of butter, it brings more harm than good, according to Public Health Malaysia (PHM).

“When consumed in high quantity, it increases the risk of heart disease and your cholesterol level.”

In comparison, PHM said that a date with butter is equivalent to a scoop of rice. With this food combination going viral, there is nothing wrong in giving it a try but not when you’re taking it excessively.


“If you’re merely giving it a try, no problem. But if you’re taking it too much, it’s not good for your health.”

PHM explained this is due to the high calorie intake which will lead to unhealthy weight gain.

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Date is often eaten on its own and the natural sweetness itself gives it a good taste. Pairing it with a knob of butter is certainly something new and to our Muslim friends, have you given it a try? Does it taste good? Remember to watch your intake!


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