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College Student Complains About Roommate’s Farts and Snores, Gets Stabbed in Sleep



College Student Gets Stabbed After Complaining About Roommate Who Farts and Snores - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Oriental Daily

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If you had a roommate whom you got along with back in uni, you should be thankful, because this poor boy almost lost his life for complaining about his roommate!

A college student surnamed Lau, recently stabbed his roommate in the middle of the night while the rest of their roommates were sleeping. This shocking incident happened at a college in Beijing, China.

According to Oriental Daily, Lau, Wong, Xiao Tian and several other boys stayed together in one room at the hostel of their college. During the incident, Xiao Tian was sound asleep but he was awakened by some loud noises at 4am.

He was certain that it was Wong’s voice and that he was calling for help. Then, he heard Lau saying,

“I’m going to stab you to death!” 

Xiao Tian quickly switched on the lights and that’s when he saw Wong putting up a fight against Lau who was trying to stab him with a knife!

When the lights came on, Lau was stunned and looked at everyone in the room including Xiao Tian for a few seconds. He then calmly left the room with the blade drenching in blood and headed to the bathroom.

Moments later, he came back with no intention to escape or hurt anyone. Shockingly, he just sat on his bed and told Xiao Tian, “It’s not easy to kill someone.” 

The police rushed to the hostel and handcuffed Lau without any incident. He showed no fear nor remorse on his face throughout the arrest, according to Xiao Tian.

On the other hand, Wong sustained multiple cuts on his head, chest, and mouth. He was punched in his eyes and hence, his eyeballs were injured. It was reported that he almost went blind due to the injuries! Sounds bad! 

“He wasn’t going to let me live, and he wanted to die with me,” Wong said, adding that Lau had once injured a student using a beer bottle and he was chased out of the hostel afterwards. 

“This guy (Lau) is really troublesome at night; he’d grind his teeth, fart, and snore. I hope he gets jailed for a few more years,” Wong said. 

In fact, a day before the attack, Wong had reportedly discussed with Lau about moving to another room because all their roommates kenot tahan (cannot stand) Lau’s sleeping habits, in which he replied with a smirk and said, “You just wait and see.”

The next day, the brutal attack happened. Okay, is it just me or this guy is really creepy?

According to Lau’s form teacher, he’s actually not a bad student but he does have psychological problems. No shit! 

Well, Wong and Xiao Tian must be traumatised after this incident. We don’t think they’d complain about anyone anymore after this, especially Wong. 


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