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“We won’t join them” – Cheras Teens Get Beaten Outside Restaurant by Gang Members for Not Joining Them


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Source: Facebook | 百格 Pocketimes

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Some gang members are notorious to the extent that physical force is used to intimidate victims who “disobey” them. A group of teenagers in Cheras, aged between 14 and 16 were recently beaten by a group of gang members for not willing to be part of the group, known as Gang 24.

The students held a press conference yesterday (May 22), accompanied by Li Wen Bin from DAP Youth, and said they were afraid to go to school, with the thoughts that the triad members might be waiting around the corner for another attack.

“No further actions have been taken so far after we reported the matter to the school and police.”

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The fight took place at a restaurant in Cheras, and the video of the brawl went viral on social media. 1 of the victims suffered injuries on his head after he was hit by a plastic chair thrown by 1 of the gang members.

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The victims are fearful of returning to school because the gang members are NOT afraid to “infiltrate” the school compound just for the sake of intimidating the victims into joining their gang.

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Some even brought machetes into the school

“Some of the members are students from our school, so they came in school uniforms and with weapons,” one of the victims said.

Despite their fears, the students assured that they would NOT join the gang and would NOT do anything illegal.

Unfortunately, the students also revealed that they are not the only ones who were forced to join the gang.

“10 other students were also harassed.”

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In the meantime, Wen Bin also said he will personally speak to PDRM about the matter, and urge them to up their patrol game around the school area.

We hope that actions will be taken immediately before more students become the victims, creating fear among them to go to school when the place is supposed to be a safe haven.


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Source: Sin Chew

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