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Cendol, Milo Kotak, Teh Ais & More! Give Your Car A Unique Scent With These Air Fresheners



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We’re all a little too familiar with the exhaustion of being stuck in hour-long traffic jams, especially when you’re caught in that peak commute rush. Since you’re already spending so much time in your car, you might as well spruce up its atmosphere with scents that will keep you comfy and refreshed throughout your journey.

But these aren’t just ordinary air fresheners we’re talking about, Fresco Freshners just dropped their second volume of scents that are creatively designed to include “the Malaysian approach towards everyday life including inspiration from tangible things that locals are familiar with.”

What are Malaysians more familiar with than food? Boasting a wide variety of options tailored to the tastes of all commuters, they offer scents inspired by local delicacies like Cendol (Strawberry scented), Milo kotak (Ocean scented) and Teh Ais (Cinnamon scented).

For those who need the rich scent of caffeine to wake you up during your drive, you might want to try the Starbucks-Coffee scented edition. Alternatively, you could also take your pick from the range of dessert options. There’s the Pink Donut (Bubblegum scented), Cookie (Cherry scented). They even have a Family Mart Green Tea Ice Cream scent!

If you’re wondering what inspired these creative air freshener scents, Fresco Freshners founder, Emir Ashraf, said the idea came about during the MCO:

Founder, Emir Ashraf, and Co Founders, Wan Obai and Iskandar Bukhori started the company in 2019.

“During the recent movement control order, we were only limited to a few items that would get us through the day. We were inspired to make it into fresheners so that people would also feel a similar kind of aesthetic.” 

You can purchase any of these scents and more for just RM10 each. Just visit Fresco Freshners Instagram page for more information!

Which scent appeals to you the most? Share your thoughts with us in the comments! 


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