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Buy More = Save More?! 5 Bad Spending Habits All M’sians Should Break To Stay On Their Budget


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Source: Ismael Paramo & Viki Mohamad

If you constantly find it difficult to stay within your budget, it is about time to review your spending habits, as you’re most probably doing things that hurt your finances without you realising it!

In this article, we explore some bad spending habits that you should definitely look out for. Keep on reading to find out what they are!


1. Skimping on everyday products 

When it comes to everyday items like clothes, cookware, and nursery items, many of us tend to buy the cheapest options available to save money. But do you know that skimping on these products can cost you more in the future? 

This is because cheap and low-quality items usually have short lifespans and need to be replaced regularly. As a result, you will end up spending more in the long run! Hence, the best way to save on these items is to purchase quality items during a sale. 

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2. Buying more to save more 

To drive more sales, businesses tend to offer more discounts on larger purchases. This prompts many consumers to spend more than expected, thinking that buying more = saving more. Sadly, this is not always the case!

Besides draining our wallets, buying more things than we need can also lead to wastage, especially when it comes to perishable items like fresh produce and skin care products. Before making bulk purchases, consider the product’s shelf life and make sure you can use them up before they expire!  

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3. Doing aimless grocery shopping

Let’s be honest, how many of you shop for groceries without a shopping list or a proper meal plan? Before you realise it, you’ll be overbuying fresh produce for the week, or even overstocking on household cleaning products!

Don’t bust your budget by purchasing more groceries than you need! Plan your meals on a weekly basis so that you know how much fresh produce to buy. Besides, always come up with a list of items to get before your grocery shopping. This will save you time and energy too!

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4. Paying more for convenience 

Re-evaluate your spending habits, and you might notice how you may tend to spend more out of convenience. Think about the times when you drove to walkable locations, or when you withdrew cash from the out-of-network ATM machine next door.  

While an extra transportation fare or service charge will not drastically drain your wallet, these small costs can quickly add up to overspending issues when paying more for convenience becomes a habit! Therefore, try keeping a spending journal and reflect on your spending habits to avoid sneaky or unnecessary fees. 

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5. Travelling to multiple locations for the best deals

Calling all avid deal hunters! Have you ever found yourself driving from store to store just to enjoy the best discounts on different products? Truth be told, instead of saving money, you’re most likely spending more on transportation when you pay for extra petrol, parking fees, and tolls! 

Ismael Paramo Lktrzus Uq0 Unsplash

To save more money, try planning your shopping trips wisely, like stopping by a grocery store on the way back from work. Besides, before you shop, look for a place where you can enjoy multiple discounts. Better yet, instead of driving out, consider online shopping so you don’t have to pay for petrol, parking, or tolls at all!

Other than cutting down on transportation fees, shopping online also allows you to explore and discover a variety of sales all at your fingertips so that you can compare prices and save more money! Not sure where you can grab the best deals? Check out ShopeePay Day, an amazing promo that happens on the 1st day of every month!

This 1st September, be sure to catch ShopeePay Day offering TONS of exclusive deals unlike any other! 

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From online shopping to dining in and topping up mobile plans, ShopeePay Day allows all Malaysians to enjoy more savings with exciting discounts and rewards! Here’s what you can expect:

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  • Already drooling? Follow the steps below to purchase and use your vouchers:

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Enjoy an additional 50% discount on e-vouchers (limited time only)!

  • From 12am – 2am and 12pm – 2pm, remember to log onto ShopeePay Day website to purchase e-vouchers at 50% OFF!

If you miss the earlier promo, you can still enjoy 30% OFF throughout the day!

  • Apart from the ShopeePay vouchers mentioned above, these discounts on e-vouchers also apply to many other brands, such as:
    • Trevo Malaysia
    • Mama Kim Wellness
    • Eggette Lab
    • Shell

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Get 100% prepaid cashback

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  • Follow these simple steps to enjoy the rebate:
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    2. Select “Prepaid” and top up a minimum of RM10.
      1. Click on “Directly Top Up” to reload to your phone number. 
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    3. Tap on your desired telco provider, key in your phone number and top up amount
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  • Simple as that, you’ll stand a chance to receive 100% cashback (RM10)!

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20220915 Shopeepay On Google Play Store Sm 1080X1080

In case you didn’t know, starting 15th September, Shopee will also be partnering up with Google to offer you RM3 cashback when you make your first Google Play purchase using ShopeePay! Mark your calendar so you won’t miss the promotion! 

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For more exciting deals and discounts, visit the “ShopeePay Near Me” tab on the Shopee homepage. Haven’t downloaded the Shopee mobile app? You can find it on:


Source: Viki Mohamad

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