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Badass 10yo Sabahan Punches Crocodile’s Eyes & Body To Escape After Getting Bitten



Source: Facebook & MSN

Crocodiles are some of the scariest reptiles and this boy is so lucky to have escaped its jaws!

According to Harian Metro, a 10-year-old boy in Tawau has been bitten by a crocodile yesterday (22nd April) around 3pm at Sungai Imam, Kampung Bombalai.

The incident happened when the boy went down to the river to move the boat that was used by his uncle to fish. However, he was suddenly bitten and pulled underwater by a crocodile! This is so scary!

The boy struggled and tried his hardest to punch the crocodile’s eyes and body. The reptile then loosened its hold and the boy was saved by a few of his family members who were near that area.

One of the victim’s family members, Din, 34, said that as soon as he heard what happened, he took to the boy to the Tawau Hospital.

“Due to the crocodile bite, the boy’s right thigh has been torn but he is now in stable condition and will undergo treatment in the hospital.”

When contacted, the Wildlife Department confirmed that the incident did happen. An official said that the place of incident will be surveyed by a group of Wildlife Officials before they set a trap. Other than that, they have also received prior reports of the animal in the area but this is the first time it has attacked a human.

We hope that the brave, young boy will heal up soon! As for the rest of us, our job is to stay at home to break the chain of infection!


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Source: Facebook

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