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Asians Amused After Spittoon “Tam Tong” Was Sold As Fruit Basket On Amazon Canada



Source: Amazon CA & Vera De/Unsplash

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Most cultures in the world have a rich history behind them and it includes even the most trivial items that were used during a specific time frame. Some items from the olden times now exist solely in museums while others are used during rituals and processions.

Recently, a listing on Amazon Canada went viral as they have “repurposed” an item normally used in a Chinese wedding/household as a fruit basket.

The listing has since been deleted and only the cached listing can be accessed.

The “1960s Chinese Traditional Fruit Basket Chinese Antique Kitchen & Dining Table Decoration Enamel Bowl, Fruit/Vegetables/Produce Basket Rack Display Stand” is sold at 68.45 Canadian Dollars. The description says:

“Antique traditional Chinese fruit basket which represents traditional Chinese culture and symbolizes the happiness of life.”

The seller who is from China has also said that instead of using it as a fruit basket, people can also use it as an ice bucket to chill their wine or champagne. They encouraged the buyers to gift them during housewarmings and weddings as well.

The “fruit basket” pictured in the listing is an item needed (known as a tam tong) in a traditional Chinese wedding due to the existence of the pair of ducks and the character “囍” there.

Candies and an angpau are usually put into the spittoon and a male child will collect them. After that, he will pee into the spittoon as a ritual to “make sure” that the newly-married couple will get a male baby. Other than that, these spittoons are normally kept in the corner of the room to facilitate urinating and spitting phlegm in the middle of the night.

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Source: Amazon CA
Source: Amazon CA

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