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Adulting During Raya: M’sian Millennials Share 5 Ways Their Celebrations Are Changing


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When we were younger, Hari Raya would mean joyfully picking out our baju raya with parents, going from house to house to collect duit raya and reuniting with cousins to play all day.

Now that we’re older, we’ve realised that Hari Raya preparations are a lot more complex than that. This year, as we prepare to welcome the festive period, let’s look at how adulting has changed the way we celebrate our Hari Raya!


1. Not being able to splurge as much on our ‘baju raya

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As we grow up, we’ve realised there are a lot more preparations to be done for Hari Raya! This includes ordering Raya cookies, buying grocery items to make traditional Raya dishes, servicing your car for that balik kampung journey and many more. All of these things can add up to a pretty hefty amount, especially if you’re single and have to bear the cost alone. 💸

On the bright side, it made us realise all the trouble our parents went through to give us a memorable Raya which makes us appreciate them even more!


2. From receiving duit raya to being the one giving it out

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Unlike the Chinese New Year culture, Malays don’t need to wait to be married to give out duit raya. They’re expected to start handing it out once they land a job, regardless of their marital status. Thus, it can get overwhelming especially for single people because they can’t share the expenses with their partner!

Imagine earning a fresh graduate’s salary and having to give out duit raya to your nephews and nieces who’d then judge you for only giving them RM2 each… 🤧


3. Those who are married might not get to spend the first day of eid with their families

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For most married couples, when Raya rolls around, there’s always the dreaded question of “whose kampung do we celebrate at first?” This is especially true for spouses who originated from different states. They’d usually have to take turns each year which means you’d have to accept the fact that you might not get to see your parents on the first day of eid every other year… 😢


4. Having to slave away in the kitchen to prepare Raya dishes for guests

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As much as we love to eat rendang, ketupat, lontong and every other Raya dish, we have to admit that preparing them is a back-breaking battle that lasts for hours! But although it can be tiring, it’s a great way to learn new recipes and bond with our mums and other relatives. It also makes you wonder how in the world your mum manages to prepare these dishes every year without fail!


5. For you singletons, be prepared to get attacked by all sorts of questions all day long!

4 Ideas To Start Preparing Your Home For Hari Raya Puasa 1

“Girl, what’s your job now?” “Ehh, why’d you lose/gain so much weight?!” “You got girlfriend yet ah?”

Sounds familiar? As children, we’d look forward to meeting our relatives because we’d get to collect our duit raya. But as adults, not only do we have to give out duit raya, we also have to prepare a whole template of answers just to prepare ourselves for these hardcore questions!

But jokes aside, we get that this is just the elders’ way of making small talk with us. So, if they do approach you with these questions, don’t be frustrated and answer patiently, okay?

On another hand, if you are planning to dodge these tricky questions, especially the ones about your love life, we have a tip: why not use the next few weeks to find yourself a partner to show off to your relatives? If you don’t know anyone good, then how about trying your luck with dating apps? This way, if your makcik bawang aunt asks you about your relationship status, you can tell her that you met someone special recently!

If this sounds like something you’re interested in, then we’ve got great news! You should check out this dating app that we’re loving as they’re having a giveaway that you won’t want to miss… 👀

Introducing Omi, the perfect matchmaker to help you find that someone special!

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We get that managing your love life can sometimes be tricky. This is why we believe there’s no harm in utilising a bit of help with apps like Omi! With the help of Omi (available on both App Store and Google Play), you can meet, date and find your match. Who knows? Maybe your life partner is just one swipe away… 😉

Before you ask, let us tell you what makes Omi stand out as a dating app!

  • Dating Quiz – This feature allows you to find a match through fun interactive games such as ‘Gacha game’ and ‘Meet your soul mates’ so it’ll be easier to get to know each other.
  • Telepath – This feature will match you with an anonymous user where you can test your compatibility via a phone conversation with them. If the call lasts for 3 minutes, it’ll be an instant match!
  • Ranking board – The board is featured on your profile so you can see the accumulated and recent ‘likes’ you’ve received from others and the percentage of users that you’ve surpassed.
  • Swiping game – Omi requires you to upload your most authentic photos and from there, you can swipe left or right on every candidate.
  • A safe zone – Omi aims to create a safe environment on the app by having a strict review of users’ info via AI technology, monitoring sensitive words and 24/7 anonymous reporting.

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Doesn’t that sound awesome? If you’re interested to join, there’s no better time than now because Omi is having a giveaway exclusively for our WORLD OF BUZZ readers! To join, all you have to do is:

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And that’s it! Easy peasy~ 👏 

We will pick five lucky winners from the comments section to win one month’s access to Omi’s Premium account for free! The giveaway will run from now until 30 April 2022 so make sure to enter now! Here’s what you can enjoy as a Premium user:

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And many other interesting features! So, don’t wait around guys! Raya is just around the corner and if you start now, you might have someone special to celebrate it with!

For more information about the app, you can head over to their website here. Don’t forget to download the app on App Store or Google Play and start the journey to find your match now~ 🥰


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