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Adorable Child Waiter Photobombs Thai Influencer’s Street Snapshot as He Needed to Serve Customers


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Source: TikTok | aerinyuktadatta

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Let’s be honest, we’ve all had moments of coming across an aesthetically-pleasing location and wanting to use said place as the backdrop for our outfit photos or Instagram post. But one Thai influencer just got the cutest photobomb while attempting to take a couple of snapshots at a market in Bangkok.

Thai actress and influencer Aerin Bencharongkul recently shared images of the photo-taking session to her TikTok account @aerinyuktadatta. Sporting a green and blue patterned T-shirt with loose-fitting jeans and sports shoes, the actress posed for the camera near one of the stalls. However, even in the first photo of the series, viewers will be able to notice a small child walking towards her in the back.

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As viewers progress with each picture, the boy appears to get closer to the camera, making a funny face in one of the images too. It is not until the fourth and final image do people realise that the kid is actually serving food to customers who were sitting nearby, likely helping his parents who run a stall at the market. Stunned yet entertained, even Bencharongkul smiled as the kid passed her in the photos.

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Scoring what many would consider photobomb of the century, a plethora of users commented on how cute the images were, with some even making jokes that he was rushing to play with his friends and needed to fulfil his order first.

I’m on the clock! Move lady!” penned another user jokingly, while one person said that the little guy was on a mission to make his food delivery.

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Click here to check out the full series of image on TikTok.

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Yeah, no other photobomb will ever top this.


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