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9 Types of Mobile Phone Users in Malaysia


9 Types Of Mobile Phone Users In Malaysia - World Of Buzz 7

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Mobile phones are a big part of our lives, and since the birth of the smartphones, most Malaysians practically cannot live without their phones in their hands!

Don’t try to deny it. Imagine your phone running out of battery or that you forgot to bring it out with you this morning.

9 Types Of Mobile Phone Users In Malaysia - World Of Buzz

With that being said, each person has their own way of using their mobile. So here are some of the most common types of mobile phone users in Malaysia.

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1. The Avid Texter

These are the ones that once you send them a message, you KNOW you can expect a reply within seconds. Heck, when you’re about to text them on any messaging app such as WhatsApp or Messenger, you’ll see them already ‘online’ or ‘active’!

They probably even grew a third eye because they will be walking and texting at the same time yet they have the ability to evade swiftly in the sea of people.

Needless to say, they are able to juggle their conversations very well and texting more than 3 people at once is a piece of cake for them.

9 Type Of Mobile Users In Malaysia - World Of Buzz 7


2. The Social Media Addict

These are the users that actively post updates and scroll through their social media feed for hours. It could be Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Tumblr, you name it. The addiction often even gets to the point where they’ve run out of feed and they don’t even know why they’re still scrolling, but they just do.

Social media addicts are guilty for checking on their notifications every few minutes. For Malaysians, the common habits these addicts have are: taking pictures of your food or even your friend’s food before eating them, posting a picture of your passport whenever you travel, updating OOTDs daily or snapchatting every single thing you do.

9 Type Of Mobile Users In Malaysia - World Of Buzz 2


3. The Stalker

These are the ones who will make sure to go through a person’s social media profile or account, regardless whether they are friends, new acquaintances or complete strangers. They could scroll to an Instagram picture that was posted over 2 years ago or find out what someone did for their last birthday if they want to. Just don’t accidentally hit the like button!

In general, they’d have a rough idea of what you like or how your life has been. And sometimes, having conversations with them may lead to some surprises when they reveal just how much they know about you.

9 Type Of Mobile Users In Malaysia - World Of Buzz 5

As creepy as it is, you kinda have to give props to their detective work. Besides, I’m sure we’ve all been there at least once in our lives. Remember that super cute girl/guy you were totally crushing on?


4. The Photo Enthusiast

One of the main reasons they own a phone is because of the ‘camera’ function. Whether it’s taking Instagram worthy shots, snaps of their daily lives or tons of selfies, they love taking pictures!

9 Type Of Mobile Users In Malaysia - World Of Buzz

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9 Types Of Mobile Phone Users In Malaysia - World Of Buzz 1


5. The Mobile Gamer

Mobile gamers are always glued to their phone, ESPECIALLY since the launch of Pokemon Go. They are active on their games for countless hours daily to claim rewards, complete quests or missions and level up. Some will even go to the extent of spending huge amounts of money to obtain rare items and level up quicker just so they can be better than others. And that’s when you know, they’re a crazy addict. Also, expect to see more notifications and invites from them on your social media.

They are completely fine being alone by themselves because they have their games to occupy their time. Besides, they only need their one true friend, the power bank.

9 Type Of Mobile Users In Malaysia - World Of Buzz 6
New high score whuuut!


6. The CBB aka ‘Can’t be bothered’

These are the mobile users that you question their possession of a phone since they basically don’t use them anyway. If you send them a message in the morning, expect to receive a reply later that night. Nope, they’re not even busy, they’re just CBB. No extensive pun intended.

It’s common for people to ask them, “Why do you even own a phone?”

Truth is, these users don’t feel the need to have their phones beside them 24/7 nor feel the urge to check their social media frequently.

So tough luck trying to reach them, even through calls! And good luck to the CBB in finding a relationship.

9 Type Of Mobile Users In Malaysia - World Of Buzz 8


7. The ‘in-trend’

These are the ones who only uses the latest iPhone or android models. Whether it’s to show off or it’s because of their love for the newest gadgets, you can bet your money that they will be trying their best to get their hands on that shiny new model when it’s launched. Even if it meant lining up for hours at the store or waiting up all night for the online pre-order.

9 Types Of Mobile Phone Users In Malaysia - World Of Buzz 2

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8. The Old School

Somewhat rare and probably only exist for older parents/grandparents, the ‘old school’ users tend to use ancient looking phones. You know that Nokia 3310 where you play Snake with.

9 Type Of Mobile Users In Malaysia - World Of Buzz 15

And even if they own a smart phone, they only use the basic functions of call or sms. These users do not find the need to use this whole ‘Internet’ thing but are contented with what life has to offer.

9 Type Of Mobile Users In Malaysia - World Of Buzz 10


9. The Shopaholics

Shopaholics who browse through physical retail store by store are a thing of the past. Malaysians are smart and they know that online shopping is the way to go! I mean Malaysia was ranked top in the WORLD for online shopping by global information and insights company Nielsen in 2014 for a reason.

Whether it’s beauty products, clothing, accessories, gadgets, games, you name it, everything is available at the touch of your fingers and at the convenience of your home. (Plus most of the time it’s cheaper ’cause no need to pay rent ma).

9 Type Of Mobile Users In Malaysia - World Of Buzz 11
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9 Type Of Mobile Users In Malaysia - World Of Buzz 16

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9 Types Of Mobile Phone Users In Malaysia - World Of Buzz 4

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9 Types Of Mobile Phone Users In Malaysia - World Of Buzz 5

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[Test] 9 Types Of Mobile Phone Users In Malaysia - World Of Buzz

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Don’t be a CBB!

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