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8yo M’sian Boy Cries Tears of Joy After Successfully Fasting Through an Entire Day & Overcoming Hunger


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Source: TikTok | fairuszawawi

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During the month of Ramadan, all Muslims around the world face the daunting task of abstaining from food and drink. Challenging yet unbelievably taxing, the transition to generate such strength can only be described as finding pure persistency through one’s struggle. One Malaysian boy, however, decided to take up this formidable task and see whether he could go the distance in fasting.

In a clip shared by Malaysian TikTok user @fairuszawawi, Fairus captured a brief moment of his 8-year-old nephew named Fayyadh, tasting food after fasting for an entire day. Eating whilst sitting on a carpet, Fayyadh soon broke down in tears after taking a sip of his drink, overcome with emotion from pushing himself through the entire day.

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Providing him some emotional support, multiple relatives of the young kid give him comfort for being able to face the difficult task of fasting for the whole day.

“Fayyadh trained himself to fast with all his challenges and tribulations. His mother forbade him to take part in rough activities as the weather is hot. He also has siblings and cousins who are younger and cannot fast yet. Combine his tiredness with seeing the delicious food, Fayyadh immediately got excited and happy to the point of tears,” wrote Fairus in the caption of his post.

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Speaking to WORLD OF BUZZ, Fairus revealed that the video was taken to commemorate Fayyadh’s 1st time fasting for a whole day. Since the video was posted, Fayyadh has been able to successfully fast for a few full days during the month of Ramadan.

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Attracting an emotional response online, many users praised Fayyadh’s dedication and ability to fast despite his young age, with other parents speaking on their own kids who began fasting at a young age too.

“Keep it up Fayyadh! Just a few more days and it’ll be Hari Raya. Don’t give up!” encouraged one user.

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Despite that, a few users couldn’t help but make jests in the comments section, with one user saying that they still cry at present day when it comes time to break fast.

“I am here in the middle of the day trying not to cry due to my thirst,” light-heartedly added another user.

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Watch the full TikTok video below:


Kisah sekeluarga menanti saat berbuka puasa di kampung Opah Sg. Bayor Selama Perak. Fayyadh (8 tahun) berlatih berpuasa penuh dengan cabaran & dugaan, Umminya dah melarang jangan aktif lasak bermain dalam cuaca panas luar biasa sekarang ini, berkumpul bermain dengan adik-beradik & sepupu-sepapat yang kecil belum berpuasa lagi. Kerana keletihan ditambah melihat makanan yang sedap nak berbuka, Fayyadh jadi teruja sedih sebak gembira. Mujurlah PakSu & PakNgaH menenangkan hatinya. Sekian Alhamdulillah. Selamat Menjalani Ibadah Puasa. ramadan2024

♬ original sound – H A F I Z F E I S A L 🧃 – H A F I Z F E I S A L 🧃

To all Muslims fasting this Ramadan, we salute your effort and wish you the very best in continuing this spiritual journey!


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