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80yo Grandma In Negeri Sembilan Impresses Netizens By Hiking Gunung Datuk In Less Than 2 Hours


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Source: Malaysia Dateline

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It seems that our elders are fitter and stronger than we initially thought, as stories such as the 74-year-old grandma who hiked to the top of a hill in a jubah and slippers have proven so.

Adding to the list of incredible feats by grandmas, it was recently reported that an 80-year-old grandma in Negeri Sembilan managed to hike a mountain in less than two hours!

As reported by Utusan, the feat by senior citizen Siti Zaharah Abdullah from Kampung Batu Puteh, Chengkau had made rounds on social media as she had hiked up to Gunung Datuk (approximately 884 metres tall) within two hours.

Siti Zah


Her ability to climb the mountain without any special support equipment such as canes, left other climbers dumbfounded but in admiration. The only “equipment” that the grandma had worn whilst hiking the mountain were only wearing sockless school shoes and gloves.

According to Siti Zaharah, the climb of her and her eldest child, Esah Hitam, 59, to Gunung Datuk last Sunday (24 October) was a last-minute plan after their initial plan to visit relatives in Melaka was cancelled.

“My daughter had invited me to climb Mount Datuk, and I agreed because I haven’t climbed the mountain for a long time. I can also watch the sunset and even drink in a cave near the top of the mountain.”

“Before getting married, I climbed the mountain three times and at the beginning of my marriage with my husband, the late Hitam Sardi, I climbed it again,” she added.

Siti Zaharah said, as she had started her climb at 2pm, she was surprised to see many climbers using canes with some even wanting to hand the canes to her because they were worried for her safety.

Siti Zah2


However, she had turned down the offers since she felt more comfortable ‘jumping’ from rock to rock without using any type of support.

“It’s fun, I don’t feel tired and even feel light. At that time, some people also wanted to take pictures of me,” she said.

When asked about the secret to being healthy and fit at the age of 80, the mother of 15 children stated that she avoids eating meaty foods such as chicken.

“I wake up before dawn and clean the inside the house and outside of the house to sweat, that’s why I’m healthy,” she said.

Siti 1


One of her children was shocked after her mother’s story had gone viral on social media

Her fourth child, Sarmah Hitam, 47, said, that they were shocked after finding out that the feat by their mother and eldest sister had gone viral on social media.

“I also read people’s comments with some that claimed nonsense. My mother has given birth to 15 children and throughout her life raising us, there may have been things that she wanted to do that had to be suppressed.”

“So as she grew older, she desired to climb mountains and we siblings will try to our best to fulfil her desires,” said Sarmah, adding that their mother was still dependent on medicines given by doctors such as medication for high blood pressure as she is still recovering from a kidney-related disease.

Siti Zah3


We are amazed by her achievement and hope to see grandma Siti Zaharah hiking more mountains in the future.


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Source: Utusan

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