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7 Very Malaysian Things That Only Happen When Raya Is Around The Corner!



Source: Hasrul Hassan & IPC

You can just tell when the festive season is around the corner in Malaysia. The whole vibe of the city changes and we think it’s one of the best parts of living in a multiracial country! It’s no different when Raya is coming up soon as it is one of the biggest and widely celebrated festive seasons in our country.

If you’ve been living in Malaysia all your life, you’ll definitely know when Raya is approaching. Let’s take a look at a few signs and see if you recognise any of them:


1. When you start to hear Yusof Taiyoob ads on the radio every day

This is an unmistakable sign that Ramadan & Raya is approaching. After a whole year of not hearing a lady whispering “Yusof Taiyoob…” on the radio, this ad will start playing every single day as a reminder for Muslims to purchase their dried fruits and dates in preparation for the fasting month of Ramadan.


2. When the office is half empty before 5PM  

During Ramadan, most companies allow their Muslim staff & colleagues to enter the office earlier so that they can leave early to prepare for buka puasa at 7.30PM. That also means that the office is usually half empty by 5PM which usually only happens once a year during Ramadan!


3. Bazaar Ramadan in almost every neighbourhood you go to 

If you’re a foodie, this is what heaven on earth looks like! Every Ramadan, multiple vendors gather together to sell all your favourite Malaysian dishes & snacks like murtabak, popiah, laksa, ayam percik and more. This is truly a tradition that happens only in Malaysia and we’re so glad to be able to experience it every year! If you’re from the Klang Valley, be sure to check out the popular Ramadan bazaars at TTDI or Bangsar!

If you’re visiting a bazaar this year, be sure to comply with all the SOPs ok!


4. When you start to see lemang stalls set up by the side of the road 

Towards the end of Ramadan, you’ll start seeing vendors selling fresh lemang lined up by the side of the road as we prepare to celebrate Raya in the coming days. This has become such a common sight in Malaysia and is one of the biggest signs that Raya celebrations are about to begin!


5. Promotions and ads for new Raya clothes are everywhere

One of the best parts about preparing for Raya celebrations is the shopping (duh!) and most families would actually wear traditional clothes in matching colours for the perfect Raya photo hence why you always see tons and tons of online shops & local designers promoting their Raya collection each year!


6. Almost every restaurant is offering Ramadan buffet deals 

One of the biggest signs that Raya is approaching is of course the month of Ramadan that comes before the Eid celebrations. With that, most restaurants will prepare a special Ramadan menu or buffet for Muslims to buka puasa.

Just make sure never to waste food if you go to Ramadan buffets ok, guys! 


7. Walking into a mall with Raya songs blasting on the speakers and Raya decorations everywhere 

One of the ways Malaysians get into the Raya mood is to visit malls as there will be tons of beautiful Raya decorations to look at, Raya songs on the speakers to sing along to, and all the awesome Raya promotions!

Malls tend to get busier & busier as Raya gets closer which only makes the whole vibe of Raya celebrations so much fun! After all, we had to celebrate Raya in MCO last year so hopefully this year things will be better since places like IPC Shopping Centre are going all out to make this Raya feel just as festive!

If you’re looking to get into the Raya mood, be sure to visit IPC Shopping Centre this year for all their RayaKauKawKaw festivities!

That’s right, IPC wants to bring back the joy and vibes of Raya to every household this year as we were robbed of the joy of celebrating last year due to the pandemic!

With that said, we still have to follow the rules & guidelines set by the government closely and adhere to all the SOPs too okay? #KitaJagaKita

If you want a glimpse of just how fun IPC’s RayaKauKawKaw will be, just watch the video below! 👇🏻


With Ramadan F&B promotions, festive decorations, fun activities for children and rewards for shoppers, there’s no reason why IPC Shopping Centre shouldn’t be your ideal destination this season!

Let’s run through all the fun activities & deals together so we don’t miss out on anything!

Buka Puasa at IPC Shopping Centre with Ramadan food promos


  • Enjoy exclusive Ramadan combos from 13th April till 12th May 2021 from only RM54 onwards!
  • Choose from their Iftar Combo for 2 pax (RM54), Marhaban Combo for 2-3 pax (RM74) or the Ramadan Combo for 3-4 pax (RM94)
  • Each combo comes with steamed rice, drinks, a kurma set and clear soup!

 Jom Laksa

  • Get the Set Dulang Ikan Joget & Sotong for only RM39.90 from now until 15th May 2021!
  • Each set includes one Ikan Joget, one Sotong Berapi, 3 Nasi Kunyit and 3 Lemondates
  • Promotion is only available at IPC Shopping Centre

Absolute Thai 

  • Their exclusive Get Together Set, available only this Ramadan, serves 4 people for only RM218!
  • Enjoy complimentary dates & rose syrup, appetiser, soup and 4 main courses served with steamed rice followed by desserts! What a meal!
  • The Get Together Set Menu is available from 13th April to 12th May 2021 

Bucket B

  • This Ramadan, enjoy Bucket B’s Family Meals for only RM69.90 for 3-4 pax!
  • With the Bucket B Family Meal, you’ll get 1 whole ayam percik or Bucket B Signature Roasted Chicken, 4 nasi tomato, 4 soups of the day, drinks and a fruit plate with dates!

[email protected] Night

  • Enjoy the Ramadan Promotion Set that serves 6-8 pax for only RM390! Perfect for a big family.
  • You’ll get 15 baskets of dim sum, 1 whole siakap fish, 1 duck, 1 vegetable dish and 1 stir-fried beef/chicken noodle or seafood soup!
  • [email protected] Night is a Halal certified restaurant that serves Chinese food!

Wow, we’re salivating already 😋

If you prefer to dine outdoors, just tapao your food and head over to the courtyard at IPC so you can dine under the stars with your family! So much fun! ❤️

Do note that the courtyard is only open from 6PM to 10PM every day.


Shop with IPC via livestream

IPC is the first shopping centre in Malaysia to pilot a shoppable livestream where you can shop from the comfort of your own home and have your purchases delivered to your doorstep!

From 22nd April to the 5th of May, tune into IPC’s Facebook page from 12.30PM onwards for their daily shoppable livestream and shop safely through the Messenger platform! Make sure you RSVP for IPC’s shoppable livestream on their Facebook event page so you won’t miss out on all those great deals!

They also deliver nationwide so you can shop at IPC even if you’re not from Kuala Lumpur! Talk about elevated retailtainment experience, right?!


Enjoy Gift With Purchase Rewards

If you shop at IPC this Raya, you’ll stand a chance to redeem a Gift With Purchase:

  • Spend RM200 and redeem a RM10 e-voucher from IPC
  • Spend RM600 (RM500 if you’re a Tack Club member) and redeem an exclusive IPC Cutlery Set & Double Glass mug!

New Tack Club members who sign up via the IPC app on weekdays will get a free gift from IPC too! ❤️


Sounds awesome! Will there be any activities for kids? 

Yes, of course! There will be exclusive workshops for Smä Club members and fun Raya performances happening at IPC to entertain your little ones while you shop ’til you drop!

Additionally, there will also be a Moroccan market themed decor in the centre of IPC with tons of fun activities and performances for everyone to enjoy!


Wow, guys! We’re getting excited just thinking about all the things IPC is offering this Raya season. They’re definitely going all out with RayaKauKawKaw after not being able to celebrate Raya like normal last year 👏🏻

If you’re keen to visit IPC this Raya, be sure to stay tuned for more updates on their Facebook page!



Source: Nikkei Asia

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