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7 Things You’ll Only Find In Your Grandparents’ Home That Will Make Any M’sian Feel Nostalgic



Itsu Feat 2
Source: thenationalnews.com & shihyenshoes

A visit to grandpa and grandma’s house is always a trip filled with nostalgia no matter how old you are. Dream-like memories flood your minds as you see all the old things that lay around the house. Things that used to fascinate you as a child and still do because of how rarely these things are seen in a modern household.

Here are some items you’ll only find in your grandparents’ home that may induce nostalgia:

1. Rotan furniture that if you sat on for too long would leave red marks on your thighs

Rotan Chair

It seems like there was an age when every Malaysian house had furniture made of rotan. In fact, most older generation homes still have rotan couches, rocking chairs, coffee tables, bookshelves, nightstands, day beds and more!

These light yet sturdy pieces of furniture seem to withstand the test of time really well too. If your grandparents have rotan furniture, they’re most likely still being used today.


2. The chicken feather duster that doubled as a ‘disciplinary rotan

Feather Duster

They probably owned like 10 of these

In an age of high-tech wireless vacuum cleaners and other electronic cleaning devices, we rarely see a good, old-fashioned feather duster. This dusting apparatus is made of chicken feathers stuck to a stick usually made of bamboo or rotan (we Malaysians have a thing for rotan, yes).

While typically used for cleaning dust from tight spaces without disturbing any delicate or fragile items around it, the feather duster is also sometimes employed for disciplinary purposes. You may ask your parents about that unless you experienced the same thing as a child.


3. Butter biscuit tins filled with anything but butter biscuits

Butter Cookie Tin

When we’re at our grandparents’ house, there’s always that sweet promise of getting to eat anything we want, as much as we want. Our grandmothers especially loved to treat us to snacks, kuih, ice cream, and those awesome butter biscuits in huge blue tins.

Sadly, there have been moments when you wanted to help yourself to those biscuits only to find a stash of sewing items or some other junk your grandmother has put away for safekeeping. Anyone who has experienced this will surely know the disappointment.


4. These Chinese wooden clogs that you can hear from a mile away whenever someone walks in them

Wooden Clogs E1617117134866

We’re pretty sure you know the familiar clacking sound of these wooden clogs when you’re at your grandparents’ place. It’s usually grandmothers who wear them as they do their daily chores, with the clogs keeping their feet dry and clean due to the extra elevation they provide.

The clogs are quite uniquely designed in a way that there are no left or right sides. They can be worn on either foot without getting the wrong side on! How’s that for convenience?


5. Old TV guides that stay on the coffee table for years

Astro Guide

Back in the old days, we would receive physical TV guides or booklets each month which listed the show schedule for that entire month. Considering that most households at the time would have only one receiver, there have been countless arguments whenever there were shows which had clashing schedules.


6. Random fragile decorations

Vintage Plates

This is the sole reason they tell you not to run in the house

We’re pretty sure you remember seeing these around your grandparents’ place, and how they are very strict about you not touching any of them. These little decorations range from hand-painted porcelain plates, figurines of people and animals, even fancy pottery.

They’re typically made of glass, ceramic or something really fragile and we can’t help but wonder why they would keep so many valuable yet easily breakable items around a house that gets regular visits from grandchildren.


7. That one giant, comfortable armchair

Recliner Chair

Your grandfather most likely owns a huge armchair that reclines and comes with a footrest, placed right in front of the TV in the living room. As a child, this chair felt like a bed and some of you might remember having the best naps of your life on it.

For some of you who have more “modern” grandparents out there, you might remember them owning a huge chair that also doubles as a massage chair! Even though the chair might have been too big for you to get a massage in, you still find all the buttons and features fascinating while getting warnings from your grandfather that the chair is not a toy.

For some, the chair’s massage features might not even be working anymore on account of it being too old and worn out.

Well, if you’re looking for a replacement or just want to reward yourself with a new state-of-the art massage chair, look no further than the ITSU iClass!

The iClass massage chair by ITSU features 16 airbags with six levels of intensity and gentle warming functions around the body for multi-level relaxation. Accurate body-scanning sensors detect and analyse your body shape and size for a relaxing massage experience. It’s also the first massage chair with a shoulder massage function!

Itsu Lifestyle 1 E1617612905264

Itsu Lifestyle 2

Itsu Lifestyle 3

Users can choose a wide range of massage techniques on the iClass, including:

  • Kneading
  • Tapping
  • Shiatsu
  • Rolling
  • Kneading + tapping

All these techniques are delivered through seven different massage care programs which are:

Iclass Fb

The programs and techniques on the iClass can be easily controlled via the ITSU Smart App which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store so you don’t even need to get off the chair to adjust anything! There are also two colour options for you to choose from – Grey or Espresso – to suit your home aesthetics.

Design Eng Final Pages To Jpg 0004 E1617265555511

ITSU is also bringing the Double Festival, Twice The Happiness promotion where customers can get double the discounts, double the free gifts, and double the warranty with the purchase of any ITSU massage chairs including the iClass!

If you’re curious to know more about the massage chairs or would like to try one out first, there is an upcoming roadshow happening at Sunway Velocity (in front of Rakuzen) this 14th-25th April!

So if you think this would be the perfect gift for your parents, grandparents or yourself, head over to the ITSU official website and order one now or use their store locator to find the nearest branch while the promotion is still ongoing!

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