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7 Gross Things About Cleaning Up The Kitchen Every Malaysian Can Relate To


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There comes a time in everyone’s lives when we have to deal with things we really don’t want to. Among these things are bills, taxes, house chores, paying saman and other “adulting” stuff.

But there’s another thing that every Malaysian can agree is quite unpleasant to deal with: cleaning up the kitchen.

If you’ve never had to clean your own kitchen, or if you’re the one who is stuck with kitchen cleaning duties all the time, here are the gross things you have probably dealt with:


1. Cleaning out the wet, soggy food from the kitchen sink trap

Kitchen Sink Trap

This tops the list because imagine touching squishy leftover food that fell into the sink trap after you were done washing the dishes. There’s just something about the bits of food from your laksa or nasi campur that makes it icky to the touch when it’s all soggy.

Or maybe it’s a mix of all the leftover food from everyone’s dishes at dinner that makes us grossed out as well. Either way, all that food in the trap still has to go before it gets rotten.


2. Cleaning out smelly foods that are way past their expiry dates

Rotten Eggs

Speaking of rotten food, do you know what bad eggs smell like? Or maybe expired milk? If you’ve smelled either of them, you will know what an unbearable stench it can be.

It’s best to keep eggs and milk (or any other fresh produce for that matter) as fresh as possible and don’t keep them past their expiry or you’ll have to deal with the smell from the refrigerator all the way to the tong sampah outside your house.


3. Dirty dishes that were left overnight

Dirty Dishes

If you think sink trap food is bad, wait until you encounter a bunch of dishes you forgot to wash from the night before. Depending on what kind of food was eaten, most foods that have ‘kuah’ like curry or rendang will eventually harden after it’s been left on its own for a period of time. Just one hour is bad enough!

To get rid of the hardened sauce residue off the dishes, you’re going to have to scrub super hard on that day-old grime and trust us when we say it’s a lot grosser than it sounds.


4. The nasty grime on the inside of your microwave

Dirty Microwave 1

This is a constantly overlooked area of the kitchen when it comes to cleaning. Most people don’t have the insides of their microwaves cleaned out after months and it really shows (and smells). When you heat up food in the microwave, you must have heard an occasional ‘pop’ and that’s the miniature explosion of food when it heats up.

This gets pieces of food and oil on the walls and ceiling of the microwave and when left there, they harden and become a super tough residue you wouldn’t want to touch even with a cloth.


5. ‘Cicak’ and cockroaches aren’t going to clean up after their own droppings 


Being a place where food is stored, cooked, and eaten, there’s bound to be pests nearby just waiting for the right opportunity to snatch some crumbs or nibble on anything that was left on the counter in the middle of the night.

When they eat, they have to answer the call of nature too and guess who has to clean up after them? The kitchen owner of course!


6. Stove tops can get pretty disgusting too

Dirty Stove Top

Have you taken a closer look at your stovetop recently? Try lifting the metal piece and look at the area surrounding the burners and you’ll most likely see all the oil and food residue that has spilt from all the cooking you’ve done.

Dirty Stove Top 1

You can clean it off with kitchen wipes and a good scrubbing but stove grime can be pretty persistent since it’s usually mixed with other stuff like cooking oil. Let’s not forget about the germs and bacteria that have possibly grown there too.


7. Using that ‘kain buruk’ that hasn’t been washed properly for a month

Dirty Rag

Every kitchen has that one rag that’s used to wipe up spilt food, grime on countertops and just about anything else that needs to be cleaned in the kitchen. Most times, we just rinse it down with water and hang it up to dry.

Sometimes you’ll still see food stains on it and it will start to feel gross to touch, especially when it’s still damp. What makes it even grosser is that the cloth is most likely teeming with germs and bacteria.

To make sure you’re cleaning your kitchen effectively and efficiently, you’ll want something better than an old kitchen rag. Something that will remove oil and grease easily but also has antibacterial properties, like these Cleann Kitchen Wipes!

What makes Cleann Kitchen Wipes the best thing to have in your kitchen? Well, they come with all these benefits:

  • It removes oil & grease easily
  • Has disinfecting capabilities
  • Possesses antibacterial properties
  • Contains 0% alcohol
  • Time-saving – traditional methods will take 30 minutes to an hour to completely clean an affected area. Using Cleann Kitchen Wipes will take only five minutes.


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Beyond that, it’s also easy on the wallet! You won’t be spending a bomb thanks to their cost-effective prices:

  • RM13.50 – 1 pack (80 pieces)
  • RM33.00 – 3 packs (240 pieces)
  • FREE delivery to West and East Malaysia when purchased via the official Cleann store on Shopee


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What’re you waiting for? Stop using your regular old disposable paper towels now and get yourself a more efficient tool to clean your kitchen with! It’s definitely a better and safer option, especially during this time. You can get your Cleann Kitchen Wipes right now on Shopee or Lazada!

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