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66yo M’sian Aunty Forced to Do Odd Jobs to Raise 6 Grandchildren, Only Gets RM600 a Month



RM600 Per Month Is Not Enough For 6 Grandchildren, 66 Y/O Grandmother Were Forced To Do Odd Jobs - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Twitter

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Which parents wouldn’t do anything they possibly could for their family’s happiness? Not only did they raise us, but they are more than ready to support our children too if the situation calls for it.

As posted on Twitter by @nabb_bee,  an old grandmother and her 10-year-old OKU grandson were pushed to do odd jobs to help foot the bill for their big family. We don’t know the circumstances that put them in such a situation, but what’s stopping us when we know that we can help?
Nab came across Punisah Binti Tumin, 66, when the old lady was applying for a job at her uncle’s food stall at Kampung Tawar Endau, Mersing.
“Please help me retweet this guys, in case someone wants to donate money to this grandma. The 66-year-old lady just applied job at my uncle’s food stall because she needs to raise all 6 of her grandchildren who live with her. She’s suffering from high blood pressure and heart disease. I feel sorry for her. “

In the thread, Nab mentioned that although the old lady’s husband, Majid bin Dawam, 70, is still alive, people refuse to hire him because of his old age. Most of the time, he would cut grass on other people’s lawns. However, he only gets those jobs when people need him.

The saddest part is that the OKU boy in the picture would regularly take grass cutting jobs, especially when his grandfather is sick. His other siblings are still learning in school, thus increasing their financial burden.

The family only gets at most RM600 per month of help from JKM and Baitulmal. Not that it would nearly be enough to cover their school fees and household expenses for 8!

So if anyone feels like lending them a hand or donating to this family, you can do so by donating either to the grandpa;

Majid bin Dawam
or to the grandma;
Punisah binti tumin
Don’t worry if you can’t donate though, spreading the word would still help tremendously.

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