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56yo Physics Professor From Prestigious University Caught Red-Handed Stealing Panties



Professor From A Prestigious Japanese  University Stole Underwear - WORLD OF BUZZ
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OMG! How desperate can one get? Or is it a genius thing to act weirdly?

According to The Star, a top university’s nanotech professor in Tokyo, Japan was arrested because he was caught stealing underwear. The pair he got caught stealing even belong to someone popular, he just saw it hanging outside a residence and took it. It’s such a hanky-panty business.

The 56-year-old professor from Keio University reportedly took a pair of bra and panties hanging on the outside of someone’s first-floor balcony last Sunday (Nov 17th).

Thankfully, the owner’s husband saw Shiratori in the middle of his endeavour and shouted “Thief!”, which lead to him running along the Ichikawa City street before the police captured him a few hundred meters away from the house.

Reports confirmed that the man took RM15.34 (¥400) worth of undergarments.

Making things easier though, the professor admitted his crime gallantly, saying, “There is no question, I stole [the] underwear.”

What’s more shocking is that the professor actually has quite a few accomplishments to his name. He is a professor at the Department of Applied Physics and Physico-Informatics at Keio University, one of the oldest private universities in Japan. He even founded Shiratori Nanotechnology.

Faced with this outrageous situation, Keio University decided to issue a statement: “It is very regrettable that one of our faculty members was arrested. We are currently confirming the facts and will take strict measures.”

It sounds gross that a man with such a reputation would do something that will ruin his image forever. Is this really the first case?


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