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5 Real Struggles That M’sian Moviegoers No Longer Need to Face Post-MCO!


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Source: CGTN & The Straits Times

The reopening of cinemas in Malaysia has been highly anticipated by Malaysians everywhere. Though there are now a lot more SOP’s being implemented to ensure our safety at the movies, it turns out that it has been a silver lining for all movie-goers!

Not sure what we’re talking about? Read on to find out some of the struggles we used to face at the movies that we no longer have to worry about in this post-MCO era!


1. The long line of people at the food counter (that always makes you late for the movie)

Ctcinema0621 1.Jpg 1

Back then, if you want to get popcorn for the movie, it’s better to come half an hour earlier before your movie starts or you will definitely be late! But nowadays, cinemas would offer the option to purchase your snacks when you book your movie ticket online so when you arrive at the cinema, you can easily redeem your purchase and skip the queue!


2. Sitting next to couples and being reminded of how single you are

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Have you ever faced the struggle of wanting to watch a movie but all your friends were busy? So, you decided to go solo but you get surrounded by couples in the cinema and felt like such a loner… 😢

Well, thankfully there are plenty of single seats available now so you won’t have to worry about having to sit next to those lovey-dovey couples. And the best part is, you also probably won’t hear any conversations they’re having so you’re able to really focus on the movie! Singletons, rejoice! 


3. The awkward struggle of having to make our way to our seats when we’re late

Image From Ios 54.Jpg

We don’t know what’s worse: having to do that awkward scooching through a sea of people’s legs if we come late or being the person in the seat who’d have to lift our legs just to make way to the latecomers… 🤔

Either way, since the number of audiences is more limited now, we definitely don’t have to deal with this situation as much as we had to!


4. Getting super annoyed when the person next to you pulls out their phone

89297878 Cinemaedit2.Jpg 1

If you’ve ever sat next to a person who takes out their phone mid-movie, then you’d probably remember how it felt as though you were getting blinded by the sun!

However, even though there will be an empty seat between you and the other person now, we’d just like to remind everyone that you should NEVER take out your phone mid-movie! Even if it’s been set at the lowest brightness level, trust us, it will still be very disturbing to the people around you!


5. Getting your cup holder/armrest hoarded by the people sitting next to you


Introverts and shy people, konfem you’ve faced this before! 

If you’re unfortunate enough to encounter these people who would hoard the armrest AND the cup holder, we feel you! Since you’re too shy to say anything, you’d just keep quiet the whole time.

But nowadays, since the seats are spaced out due to SOPs, you can enjoy a fully empty seat to place your stuff and you will also have the armrest all to yourself. Yay!


Have you experienced any of these struggles? We don’t know about you guys but we’re definitely thankful for these new SOPs. Not only are they keeping us safe, but they’re also making our movie-watching experience more enjoyable! But if you’re still a bit wary of going to the movies, we totally get you. In fact, we have an alternative for you that can let you enjoy new movies without even leaving your home…

Thanks to the Astro Movies pack, Malaysians can enjoy the latest and hottest movies and series from the US at home!

The basic pack starts from only RM59.90 or you can also choose some of their other packs that include HBO GO so you can stream content from over 145 channels! This way, you can catch some of the latest movies just a few months after they premiered at the cinema and for some of the series, you can even enjoy them on the same day they premiere in the US!

Movies Brownfield

In case you need any more convincing, just check out some of the latest movies and exclusive HBO Max series that have just arrived on Astro:

  • Dune
  • Suicide Squad
  • Malignant
  • Gossip Girl
  • Succession
  • And Just Like That… and many more!

Series Brownfield

Remember when Dune premiered in Malaysia just a few months ago? If you didn’t manage to catch it in theatres, you can now watch it at home with Astro! BRB, grabbing some popcorn… 😋🍿


Sounds exciting, right? The best part about the Astro Movies pack is that you will have the freedom to stream these movies anytime, anywhere On Demand with the Ultra Box, Astro GO and HBO GO!

So, what are you waiting for guys? You can subscribe to Astro now and start streaming all of your favourite movies! For more information, just visit their website here.


Source: VN Express
Source: The Guardian
Source: BBC
Source: CGTN

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