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24/7 Automated Mart? Here’s How This Innovative Solution Can Ease M’sians’ Balik Kampung Journey!


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The balik kampung journey during the festive period is a very exciting occasion but it can also get very hectic. From the congestion of cars slowing down traffic on the highway to the crowd of people hogging every R&R station along the way, it’s just something that we all have to face.

Thankfully, a local company, ATLAS Vending, has set out to change this situation this year by unveiling a very innovative solution and WORLD OF BUZZ was fortunate enough to be invited to the launch. Curious to know what it is? Let us tell you all about it!


Introducing the new automated retail mart, Minit Mart! 

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Minit Mart is a fully automated self-service retail store that has been launched at a few Caltex stations around Klang Valley. The origin of the name itself, “Minit Mart”, stems from ‘minute’ which reflects the product’s main purpose which is to serve as a speedy, safe and accessible solution for Malaysians to get their necessities.

This launch is perfectly timed to help ease Malaysians’ balik kampung journey where they’d have an easier way of getting snacks and beverages!

Untitled 14

As for the design, the Minit Mart machines utilise colours that signify the brand’s two main pillars which are:

  1. Technology (Blue): This can be seen through the brand’s purpose of changing the landscape of automated marts with the innovative launch of Minit Mart.
  2. Sustainability (Green): This is in line with the brand’s sustainable efforts with Minit Mart, which include using power-saving features and recyclable materials.

Curious to see the Minit Mart in action? Just check out this video below! It’s super cool~


So, what’s so good about Minit Mart?

Official Minit Mart By Atlas Vending Picture8

What we love about Minit Mart is that it is designed with sustainability in mind. For instance, the structure of the machine is made from fully recyclable material! It also utilises a special timer and compressor that can regulate the temperature of the drinks while saving electricity by cutting off power during off-peak hours. Not only that, but it also uses responsibly sourced paper cups to serve the drinks.

Another plus point of Minit Mart is all of its products are very affordably priced. For instance, you can grab a cup of coffee, hot or cold, from only RM2.00 at any time of the day to keep you energised throughout your journey! It’s convenient AND reasonably priced, very nice~ 👏

Additionally, what really attracted us to Minit Mart was the benefits that come with it. Not only is it manless, to avoid physical contact, but it also operates 24/7 which is perfect for those long-distance drives where you might be stuck on the road until late at night or even during the wee hours of the morning. Plus, the speedy transaction is also a major improvement as compared to lining up in a crowded petrol station just to grab one or two snacks. You can grab and go within minutes! 

The mart is also very user-friendly and convenient to use! Let us show you how:

1. Select the item you’d like to purchase and push the button to order.

Official Minit Mart By Atlas Vending Picture9

2. For hot and cold drinks, you can customise the level of sugar, creamer and coffee intensity.

Official Minit Mart By Atlas Vending Picture11

3. Make your payment via whichever method you prefer such as cash or cashless (credit/debit card or e-wallet).

Official Minit Mart By Atlas Vending Picture12

4. Collect your item and enjoy!

Untitled 74

If you’re wondering what items are available for purchase via Minit Mart currently, you can expect:

  • Hot and cold drinks (eg: teh tarik, coffee, Milo, etc.)
  • Bottled and canned drinks
  • Packaged snacks (eg: chips, biscuits, etc.)

Official Minit Mart By Atlas Vending Picture5

If you’ll be travelling anytime soon, make sure to keep an eye out for Minit Mart at these locations:

  • Caltex Bandar Utama
  • Caltex South Lake, KESAS
  • ERL KLIA Transit Salak Tinggi

And don’t worry, ATLAS definitely has plans to deploy more Minit Marts to other locations so stay tuned!


You can expect more Minit Marts nationwide & a wider selection of products soon!

Speaking to WORLD OF BUZZ, Amy Gan (Head of Marketing & Ancillary Business, ATLAS Vending) mentioned that the brand aims to push out 50 Minit Marts nationwide by 2023. Aside from petrol stations and R&Rs, they are also planning to place Minit Marts at other high-foot traffic areas or places that operate for 24 hours such as hospitals, transit hubs, malls, and so forth.

In fact, they are also looking to add other products to Minit Mart including hot foods and everyday essentials such as masks, hand sanitisers, and more!

Official Minit Mart By Atlas Vending Picture2

Don’t you guys think this automated retail mart is a super convenient solution for Malaysians? If you come across a Minit Mart during your upcoming balik kampung journey, make sure to give it a try, okay! Not only is it speedy and accessible, but we believe it’s also a great way to enforce SOP practices since we won’t be exposed to strangers and we can celebrate this Raya worry-free!

For more information on Minit Mart, you can follow ATLAS Vending on Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates.


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