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21yo M’sian Rubs His Eye So Often That He Injured His Cornea and Had to Undergo a Cornea Transplant!


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Source: TikTok | im.bidi

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Rubbing your eyes when they’re itchy or after long hours of screen time can bring temporary relief. But how many of you know the dangers of doing it too often?

In a recent TikTok video, @im.bidi shared how rubbing his eye too often led to a scratched cornea. He explained that what seemed like a harmless habit turned into a painful condition that needed medical attention.

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“I suffered the consequences”

Speaking to WORLD OF BUZZ, @im.bidi shared that he had a habit of rubbing his eyes ever since he was small and continued until he was 15 years old.

He explained that he started experiencing blurred vision around that time but didn’t go for a checkup until he was 21. It was then he discovered that his eye already had a scar from the excessive rubbing.

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An eye for an eye

@im.bidi went on to share that when he finally had his eye examined by doctors, they informed him that they couldn’t conduct a thorough check because there was a scar in the middle of his eye, right on the cornea.

The doctor then recommended that he undergo a cornea transplant, which would involve removing the damaged cornea and replacing it with a new one.

“A cornea transplant involves replacing a damaged cornea with a new one taken from a deceased donor. The new cornea is stitched onto the eye where the scar or damage is present. The scarred cornea is removed or cut out to be replaced with the new one,” he explained.

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The risks of rubbing your eyes too much

@im.bidi ended the interview with some advise for everyone to be aware of the dangers of rubbing their eyes. He pointed out that rubbing can put a lot of pressure on the eyeball, which can weaken it.

“If you do it a lot, it can cause eye injuries. And surgery is not cheap. The condition I’m dealing with developed over a long time. So, if you have any issues or diseases affecting your eyes, make sure to see a doctor right away to keep it from getting worse,” he added.

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Take this as a wake-up call and a reminder to avoid rubbing your eyes excessively, as it could result in a more costly and severe condition.


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