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Working 9-5? 21 M’sians Share Their Office ‘icks’ in Hopes for a Better Work Environment


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If you work in an office, then you’re probably well aware of the little habits of your co-workers that sometimes you just have to bare. We took it a step further and asked 21 Malaysian office employees some of the most annoying office habits that they just cannot stand! 

But wait… what’s an ‘ick’?

Oh, hello oldie! JUST KIDDING.


If you’re in a slightly older age group then maybe the Gen Z term, ‘ick’ is new to you. “Yuck” and “eww” have long been the go-to expressions to signify disgust but ‘ick’ is now a trendy term to use to describe a cringe-worthy situation or behavior that is off-putting.

Proceed with caution as we delve into the many relatable office ‘icks’, from sad pantry snacks to terrible hygiene, we’re sure you’ve encountered these side-eye worthy acts at your workplace before.

Scroll further to read some of the entries we got!


Hopefully if you see some that you’re guilty of then maybe you can improve on it lah ok?


Toilet etiquette: Pooing in peace!

It seems many Malaysians just don’t know how to use the toilets properly… here are some of the bathroom related office ‘icks’ we gathered.

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1. “When both you and your colleague are taking a dump in adjacent stalls, how to poop in peace?” – Kavin, Content Writer at an advertising agency.

2. “The mysterious case of colleagues who don’t know how to flush.” – Hannah, Teacher at an international school.

3. “When someone can’t aim properly and leaves pee stains on the floor and toilet bowl. You pee like that at home also is it?” – Aziz, Project Engineer at an audit company.


4. “When people don’t put the toilet hose back in it’s proper place.” – Hariz, Social Media executive at a private company.

 5. “Toilet paper that’s too thin and tears easily, that’s a whole new level of frustration!” – Hui Ting, Videographer at a media company.


Pantry no-nos: A recipe for disaster

Moving on to food related annoyances that us office workers need to face on the daily.


6. “When someone doesn’t wash the dishes properly.” – Shanon, Human Resources Director at private company.

7. “Clogged pantry sink, scoop the food out, people!” – Anusya, Accountant at a consulting firm.

8. “Office snacks that consist solely of cream crackers. Is this some kind of punishment?” Deepan, Data Analyst at a tech company.

9. “The culinary genius who insists on cooking in a closed-up, fully air-conditioned office, effectively stinking up the entire workplace.” – Ally, Editor at an online news portal.

Indie Film Gif By Jessica Lea Mayfield

10. “The sad reality of a pantry with less snacks and drinks. We need our fuel!” – Prakash, Accountant at an audit company.


Basic office manners also don’t ke?

Forget toilet or food manners, apparently basic office manners also some people can’t follow. *Sigh* does it ever end? One person even said that they had their mug stolen from the pantry!


11. “Please return my mug! it’s been missing for months!!” – Yee Hwee, Legal Advisor at private company.

12. “Stop littering, trash cans are there for a reason, people.” – Arjun, IT Security Manager at cybersecurity firm.

13. “Why can’t people just close the door when entering or exiting? It’s not that hard!” – Fatin, HR Intern at a startup.

14. “Not wearing a face mask when you are clearly sick” – Vignesh, Talent Acquisition Executive at recruitment agency.


15. “Those who sit on your chair and mess up your perfectly arranged table. Rosak the vibe.” – Jimmy, Market Research Analyst at an e-commerce platform.


Other niche ‘icks’

On to the last part of the article, these entries include more of the brutally honest opinions of company culture and it’s so called “benefits”.

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16. “The never-ending journey to the outer lobby downstairs for a smoke or vape break. Can’t we have a designated area closer to the office?” – Chee Yin, Project Coordinator at tech company.

17. “The ONE office clown who thinks being loud is their ultimate personality trait. Cue the headache!” – Sharwini, Social Media Manager for skincare brand.

18. “The unfortunate fate of getting a Dell as your office laptop. Is this the dark ages?” – Nabilah,  Customer Service Representative at a telco company.

And I Oop Whatcha Say Gif By Jasmine Masters

19. “The cringe-worthy ‘We are a family, Not just a company’ practice. No thanks, we prefer professionalism!” – Fakrul, Legal Intern at a law firm.


20. “Office TOO COLD. When the temperature is set to ‘freezing’ and productivity drops to zero.” – Clara, Community Manager at an NGO.

21. “Partially remote work arrangement should be applied to every department. Please, let us have a taste of flexibility!” – Jun Hao, Brand Consultant at an agency.

Yes, these Malaysians did not hold back one bit. Working in an office can be a rollercoaster ride of weird and irritating experiences. Let’s hope these ‘icks’ get some attention, so that we can all enjoy a better work environment.

Do you have any office annoyances you’d like to share? Share your thoughts in the comments!


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