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11 Things Malaysians Always Do When They Visit IKEA


11 Things Malaysians Do In Ikea, Are You Guilty Of Any Of These? - World Of Buzz 1
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Do you know what ‘Hej!’ means in Swedish? Of course you do, coz you probably visit IKEA a lil’ too often!

In case you didn’t know…

Ikea Listicle - World Of Buzz 1

Admittedly, walking into a massive furniture showroom isn’t for everyone. Only those who truly appreciate artistic interior decor and the smell of compressed wood chips could spend hours looking at furniture that would never fit into our budget. Besides, there’s something indescribable about the ambience of IKEA that just makes us want to move in there!

So, we’ve compiled a list of things that Malaysians would always do while hanging out in IKEA (at both Mutiara Damansara and Cheras outlets). See how many of these you’re guilty of! 


1. Pretending to shop for furniture you can’t afford, for a house you don’t have

Giphy 4

We’d walk around the showroom macam yes while ‘molesting’ every bed, sofa, and shelf (basically everything) that our hands can possibly reach.


2. Thinking how and where to position all the furniture at home, IF we end up buying them

…which we never did. 

Inspired by the minimalist yet stunning interior design in Swedish homes, we can’t help but visualise how our imaginary house would look like if it’s filled with IKEA furniture.


Ikea Listicle - World Of Buzz 5

Source: ikea

“This table lamp is PERFECT for my bedside table, except I don’t have a bedside table, and I sleep on a mattress on the cold floor.”

Giphy 5


3. Sitting on a sofa as if you’re SERIOUSLY considering buying it when all you really needed was a place to sit

Ikea Listicle - World Of Buzz 6

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As much as we love IKEA, our legs just get tired from walking around the maze-like showroom, and the ‘KELUAR’ signs just lead us to another section, never straight to the exit.


4. Role-playing to test out the ‘chemistry’ between you and the item

In some rare occasions when we are actually there to purchase something, we’d role-play to see if our body feels ngam with the item.

Ikea Listicle - World Of Buzz 7

Source: instagram

Lookin’ good, chef! 


5. ‘Accidentally’ bringing home the IKEA pencil 

Don’t lie, we all have one or 10 of these at home. 

Ikea Listicle - World Of Buzz 3

I don’t know bout you guys but these IKEA pencils perfectly complement my compass. It’s as though IKEA had this in mind when designing it! 


6. Being fascinated by the chair durability testing machine

No matter how many times we’ve been there, we’d still be mesmerised by the machine that repeatedly applies pressure on the indestructible chair.

11 Things Malaysians Must Do In Ikea, How Many Are You Guilty Of? - World Of Buzz

Am I the only one who secretly wishes the machine would actually crush the chair? 


7. Enjoying the unique scent of IKEA’s wood

The scent is just indescribable, those of you who’ve been there would know what we’re talking about.

Ikea Listicle - World Of Buzz 4


8. Taking Insta-worthy pictures at the warehouse is mandatory

…or else your trip to IKEA never happened. 

11 Things Malaysians Do In Ikea, Are You Guilty Of Any Of These? - World Of Buzz

Source: instagram

Ikea Listicle - World Of Buzz 9

Source: instagram


9. Sitting on the trolley and asking your friend to push you around

Don’t let the ‘how old are you?’ question stop you from doing this. After all, adults are just grown-up children right?

Ikea Listicle - World Of Buzz 10

Source: instagram


10. One word: Meatballs 

The Swedish meatballs are so guddd that it’s ALMOST a crime to leave IKEA without having them!

Besides, other dishes such as chicken wings, pasta and pastries are all equally tempting as well!

Me: I will order the meatballs only. 

Also me: 

Ikea Listicle - World Of Buzz 2


11. Buying the cheapest item there because it sucks to leave IKEA empty-handed

Ikea Listicle - World Of Buzz 11

Source: ikea

This candle holder is just what I need for my bathroom! And it’s only RM1.90! 

That’s how we convinced ourselves. Don’t judge us.


How many of these are you guilty of? Share with us in the comment section and tag your friends if you know they’re guilty of these too!


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