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10yo Kid Saves RM5,300 Ang Pow Money to Buy Mum Diamond Ring, Netizens Touched



This 10yo Kid Saved Up RM5,344 From His CNY Red Packets To Get His Mom A Diamond Ring - WORLD OF BUZZ 2
Source: YouTube

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Being a mother is possibly the most challenging job in the world. Think about it: They’re technically working 24-hour shifts all year round with no sick leaves or vacations; every mother works herself to the bone all for the sake of love. While this love is sometimes a one-sided arrangement, it’s usually very emotional for everybody when a child tries to express their gratitude for their mother’s love.

A report by Global Times recounts how earlier this month on 11 February, a 10-year-old boy led his mother into a jewellery store in Hubei, China. After her young son asked her to try on a few rings, the mother humoured him thinking it was a harmless joke.

Source: YouTube

The boy chose a ring worth 8,100 Yuan (approx. RM4,900) and explained to the staff that he wanted to buy it for his mother.

The mother realised her son was serious after he revealed that he had saved 8,800 Yuan (approx. RM5,300) of his red packet money over Chinese New Year for the purchase.

Source: YouTube

It turns out the boy had wanted to buy his mother a diamond ring because he saw his classmates’ mothers wearing them and he didn’t want his mum to feel left out. “He said he wanted to buy a diamond ring after seeing his classmates’ mothers all wear diamond rings,” an employee at the store confirmed.

While the mother appreciated the gesture, she naturally didn’t want him to spend that diligently saved money like that. He started crying as she tried to leave the store with him, feeling as if he was unable to give her the present.

Source: YouTube

Thinking quickly, the mother used a different tactic to save the boy’s money. Picking out a ring priced at 50,700 Yuan (approx. RM30,800), an employee heard her gently telling the boy, “Mum likes this one. You can save more money and buy this one for me later.”

The video ends with her embracing her son tightly. While she may not have gotten the diamond ring, we have no doubt the memory of her son’s love for her was a gift far greater than any treasure.

Netizens who saw the clip were deeply touched by the young boy’s gesture, and we are too! You can watch this video on YouTube.

Aww, what a caring son! We’re sure he made his mum the proudest woman around that day. What’s the sweetest thing you’ve seen a child do to show their mother love? 


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