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Ex-BF Prints Sexy Messages & Distributes Them On Girl’s Wedding Day As Revenge




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Breaking up is never easy when you’re in a relationship and sometimes, these spurned lovers turned into crazy exes that make life difficult for you. This man is an example of a rejected lover who decided to take revenge on his ex-girlfriend for breaking up with him allegedly because he was not financially capable.

According to The Youth, a man named Anik printed and distributed all the intimate messages between the couple to guests attending Samia’s (the ex-girlfriend) wedding before he left the place. The incident is believed to have occurred in India.

It is said that the relationship between Anik and Samia lasted for only eight months until one fine morning, she told Anik she wanted to breakup, as reported in boldsky.

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Anik tried his level best to persuade Samia not to leave him and said that he has always been a good and loyal man. She refused to listen to him and made it very clear that she was firm with her decision in ending the relationship.

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After some time, he came to know that Samia’s father had actually arranged a wedding for her with an immigrant guy who is rather well-to-do as he resides in Canada.

This could be the reason that Samia rejected Anik as she probably thought that she could live a luxurious life after marrying the other guy. After knowing the true reason behind the breakup, he felt shocked and betrayed so he decided to teach his ex-girlfriend a lesson that she will never forget on her wedding day. Indeed, a truly unforgettable lesson for her!

On Samia’s wedding day with the guy from Canada, Anik decided to attend as he wanted to carry out his devious plan. During the wedding, he enjoyed the wedding food with full satisfaction and even took selfies with Samia and her soon-to-be husband. WOW!

Samia was shocked to see Anik at her wedding but was not able to say anything as many relatives were at the wedding function. After eating his fill, he carried out his plan by handing out the incriminating messages to all the guests present there as he wanted to embarrass Samia. Those messages must be really steamy!

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After throwing that bombshell out there, he silently left the place and did not keep in touch with Samia anymore. However, each time he recalls Samia’s wedding day, he feels satisfied that he managed to get his revenge on his ex.

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