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Woman Feels Hot & Thirsty After Being Drugged in Thailand, Tourists Urged to Be Careful



Woman Feels Hot And Thirsty After Being Drugged In Thailand, Tourists Urged To Be Careful - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Guang Ming Daily

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A video of a young lady chugging down ice water in Thailand has been circulating on social media and the victim was said to be under the influence of drugs. It was understood that she suddenly felt immensely hot to the extent that she had to remove her clothes.

Her body was shivering and she was given a bucket of ice water to cool down her body temperature. Her friends even applied the cool water on her body but that didn’t help much.  She was rushed to a hospital afterwards.

Here’s the video.

The footage spread like wildfire online and the Thai anti-drug agency has responded to this viral video. The spokesperson confirmed that the drug called Alprazolam (or commonly known as xanax) is indeed being widely circulated at entertainment outlets and are being used to prey on women, according to Guang Ming Daily. A few cases have already been reported in Bangkok.

Alprazolam belongs to a class of medications called benzodiazepines, which gives a calming effect to our central nervous system. As such, it’s often used to treat anxiety and panic disorders, according to WebMD.

Once added to carbonated or alcoholic drinks, consumers would feel dizzy, become unconscious and even suffer from short-term memory loss. Admittedly, this drug has been abused for a long time but the trend intensified in recent months.

Source: ABC

The spokesperson said Alprazolam is a highly addictive drug and can lead to mental disease. A person who stops taking this drug will experience anxiety, extreme thirst and depression. As such, members of the public especially ladies who frequent nightclubs and entertainment outlets have been urged to be attentive to their drinks.

Spread the word and party safe in Thailand, girls and guys! 


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Crazy Video Shows Man So Overdosed on Drugs, He Didn't Realise Head's on FIRE - WORLD OF BUZZ

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