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[TEST] Whether You’re Looking For Convenience or Greenery, You’ll Find it All At This New Klang Valley Township

Whether You're Looking For Convenience Or Greenery, You'll Find It All At This New Klang Valley Township - World Of Buzz 7

Looking for a new home or township to move into is an unavoidable part of life. Regardless of your age, there will come a time where you’ll get married, move to the city, or want your own independence and you’ll find yourself stressing out about where to live. With that said, a lot of thought needs to go into finding the perfect place that will cater to all your needs to ensure you’ll enjoy living there long term.


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Well, if you’re currently at that very stage of your life and you’re on the lookout for a home in a maturing township that comes with everything you need, from convenience to greenery, look no further because we may have the perfect place for you!

Known as the City of Elmina, this award-winning, family-friendly township is attracting both the millennials and families alike who’re looking for a new forever home.

And some of the reasons that the City of Elmina is one township that stands out so much to Malaysians is because:

1. It’s surrounded by greenery

Whether You're Looking For Convenience Or Greenery, You'll Find It All At This New Klang Valley Township - World Of Buzz 2

Source: sime darby

For real guys, there’s very likely no other township in Klang Valley that’s as green as the City of Elmina. First of all, it’s situated right next to a 2,700-acre forest reserve, meaning residents won’t have to worry about future developments in that area seeing as to how it’s a protected forest. Expect plenty of fresh air too!

Apart from that, there’s also a 300-acre Elmina Central Park in the middle of the township complete with community orchards & gardens, amphitheaters, recreational ponds, picnic & event spaces, sporting fields, velodromes, alfresco F&B, public art centres, and so much more.

And with so much greenery around, it would be a waste not to have some sort of jogging track passing through it. That’s why, there’s a 90km jogging and cycling track that runs through the township. Yes, 90km!!! Definitely a dream come true for all you runners or cyclists out there!


2. It takes just a few minutes to get to most major cities thanks to the DASH Highway

Whether You're Looking For Convenience Or Greenery, You'll Find It All At This New Klang Valley Township - World Of Buzz 3

Source: mydash

Whether you need to get to Subang or Kota Damansara, the City of Elmina is well-connected thanks to major highways including the Damansara-Shah Alam Elevated Expressway (DASH).

Residents won’t have to worry about distance anymore seeing as to how the DASH highway is connected to major cities and highways too. It’s also a brand new highway that will be completed by the year 2020. Woohoo!


3. It’s extremely convenient thanks to the up and coming, lifestyle-centric commercial centre

Whether You're Looking For Convenience Or Greenery, You'll Find It All At This New Klang Valley Township - World Of Buzz 1

Source: sime darby

Aptly named Temu, this commercial area located right at the gateway of Elmina East will house 70 units of two to three-storey shop lots where you’ll be able to carry out all your errands. Whether you’re looking to berTemu with friends at a cafe or restaurant, visit the bank, or run some errands, it will all be possible at Temu. The modern cum contemporary design of the shop lots will also make spending time around the area much more enjoyable.

There will be an Anchor Tenant co-located in the area as well for all your grocery needs. Residents and visitors can expect Temu to be ready by 2022.


4. A University Hospital is in the works of being built nearby too

While most millennials may not think living near a hospital is a big deal, having quick access to doctors and an emergency room could literally save your life. It will definitely give you peace of mind too; this is especially true if you or a loved one has a medical history.

That’s why a new University Hospital will be built nearby the City of Elmina to ensure the residents have access to a good hospital in case of emergencies. What’s more, the hospital will be fully equipped and run by students too.


5. The architecture of the houses and township are all designed to be disabled-friendly too

Whether You're Looking For Convenience Or Greenery, You'll Find It All At This New Klang Valley Township - World Of Buzz 4

Source: sime darby

Whether You're Looking For Convenience Or Greenery, You'll Find It All At This New Klang Valley Township - World Of Buzz 5

Source: sime darby

Whether you or someone you’re living with is elderly or differently-abled, the homes and facilities in the City of Elmina are designed to be catered to them too! This makes day-to-day activities that much more convenient for both the abled and disabled residents. Some examples include:

  • Front porches equipped with ramps instead of steps
  • Plugs and light switches installed at a lower level to allow easier access for those seated in wheelchairs
  • Wider door widths and halls to allow wheelchairs to pass through with ease
  • Sliding doors instead of hinged doors for easier opening

Playgrounds and parks in the area are designed to be wheelchair and disabled-friendly as well! Talk about being extremely inclusive. <3

This truly is how life should be! So if you or anyone you know is looking for greener pastures (literally), make sure you check out Sime Darby’s City of Elmina! It’s equipped with pretty much anything and everything you might need in a township, from the shop lots at Temu to the University Hospital, they have it all.

Interested to find out more or book an appointment to view the place? Visit their site here!

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