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[TEST] Then vs Now: Grandparents & Millennials Share How Much M’sian Television Has Changed & Why They’re All For It

Sometimes it’s pretty crazy to look back and think how far we’ve come with technology. Information is now readily available at our fingertips and we are blessed with high-speed internet that allows us to access information from all over the world! Remember the days when we had to use dial-up internet just to search for something? Now, all we need to do is unlock our phones and our questions are answered in less than five minutes!

It’s the same with television! Who would have guessed that one day we would be able to stream TV shows from anywhere in the world with amazing quality?! We sure didn’t! Take a walk down memory lane with us as we look at the difference between now and then:



THEN: Certain programmes available at a specific time

Back then, we had to look at the TV catalogue just to know what time our favourite TV shows will be airing. If that wasn’t bad enough, if the timing of our show coincides with another person’s show then only one person gets to watch what they want!

NOW: 24-hour access to any TV titles across the board

Now, we are blessed with 24-hour streaming services that allow us to watch whatever we want, whenever we want! With platforms such as Astro’s Video On Demand, it’s even easier for us to watch anything we want at any time! Yup, that’s right even when it’s raining you’ll have zero interruptions!



THEN: Static interferences while watching TV 

Yup, you read that right. Back then, watching TV meant we would have to adjust the TV antenna (or hit the TV a couple of times) just to get a slightly clearer connection! If that didn’t work, sometimes we would even have to place the antenna in different corners of the house in hopes we can finally watch Naruto or Shin Chan in peace.

NOW: We just require a stable Wi-Fi connection to stream 

Seeing that everything is on the internet now, all we need is a stable Wi-Fi connection to watch our shows! But that also means if the Wi-Fi is down then we are also down lah since we cannot watch our favourite shows! To ensure worry-free streaming, Astro and Broadband currently offers plans with speeds ranging from 30Mbps to 800Mbps to stream content!



THEN: Having only local or Asian TV shows available 

Phua Chu Kang, Spanar Jaya, Malaysian Idol... are just some of the local shows we got to watch when we were younger! Back then, we didn’t have access to titles from across the globe. We’re not complaining though, these shows were pretty awesome!

NOW: Access to programmes from all over the world 

But now we are totally spoilt for choice! If you suddenly feel like watching a Korean drama like The World Of The Married or a variety show like Running Man, all you need to do is find a platform that streams it and voila! It’s right there on your screen!



THEN: Only able to watch TV on the television itself

Once upon a time, we didn’t have a myriad of electronic devices to choose from if we wanted to watch a movie. We had… the TV and that was it! That also meant sitting in one spot of the house where the TV is and having to watch our shows in front of everyone. Remember those “awkward” scenes we had to watch while our parents were around?

NOW: TV shows available on all electronic gadgets — smart TVs, laptops, phones, tablets

Nowadays, though, not only are the adults glued to the screens of their gadgets but so are the children! You’ll see a variety of shows available for almost all ages online. Not to mention, with the existence of platforms like Astro GO, you can also access live sporting matches on any electrical device!



THEN: Unstable colour accuracy 

Oh, the pain we had to go through back when our TV antenna wasn’t working! Not only did we not have a clear view of the screen, but there were also moments where the colour accuracy was totally off! Things that were meant to be green were suddenly purple and we had no choice but to sit and watch.

NOW: 4K quality videos with special devices like the Astro Ultrabox

Today, we have evolved from unstable colour accuracy to amazingly sharp 4K quality videos! Much to the point where we can’t accept watching a show if the connection or quality is not fast or crystal clear. Let’s just say our generation may be a bit spoilt lah

Well, lucky for us, we no longer have to go through the pain of blurry shows and unstable connections anymore!

If you’re an Astro Ultra Box customer, you can now enjoy a better viewing experience with Video On Demand available in 4K UHD! 

If that isn’t amazing enough, the Astro Ultra Box also has these cool new features:

  • A brand spanking new home screen so you never have to miss out on your new shows and also pick up right where you left off!
  • Pause, rewind and fast-forward functions for an enhanced viewing experience.
  • Stream up to 50,000 Videos On Demand with the Astro Ultra Box! You’ll never be left out again!
  • Upgrade your viewing experience with the new 4K UHD feature, just click the title of your choice and press play!
  • The awesome Cloud Recording feature allows you to record your shows and store them in the cloud so you’ll never miss an episode!

Talk about every TV and movie buff’s dream come true!

To make the most out of the Astro 4K UHD Video On Demand feature, we recommend going for the Astro and Broadband bundle that ensures you high-speed internet and also provides even MORE content for you to stream! For more information, be sure to visit the Astro website and read on!


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