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[TEST] “So Many Types Of Insurance, What To Get?!” Here’s An All-In-One Plan Perfect For Any Malaysian’s Budget

Looking for insurance can be quite a daunting task, as there are so many types to choose from so many different providers out there. Insurance plans also cover very specific things which you will need to combine or add up to be able to cover even the most basic protection.

Instead of racking your brain trying to compile and compare all the insurance plans available out there, take a look at this comprehensive package that is not only affordable but provides three insurance types!

AXA eCombo is a new online 3-in-1 plan that covers medical, critical illness and life insurance

And it’s all rolled into affordable rates from as low as RM71/month!

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Here’s why the AXA eCombo is great for Malaysians of all ages:

1. The package provides all your basic protection needs under one plan

For many who are just starting out in life, or have a young family, they normally would have to pick a basic medical plan first and then, later on, add different coverage such as for life or critical illness when they have a bigger budget. This would compromise their protection since the coverage will not be a comprehensive one from the start. Things get a bit more complicated and confusing when they purchase different plans with different insurance providers.

With the AXA eCombo, Malaysians won’t have to worry about high medical bills and are assured of financial assistance in the case of critical illness or even death. The plan is fully available online, which is ideal in today’s current situation with the COVID-19 pandemic. Anyone who might have concerns about physical interaction with third parties need not worry.


2. The benefits include cashless hospital admission and covers a wide range of illnesses

The first one is an amazingly affordable online medical insurance plan that covers your hospital bills in case you are admitted for any reason. Some of the benefits include:

  • Annual limit up to RM100,000
  • No lifetime limit
  • Cashless admission to over 150 panel hospitals across Malaysia
  • No medical check-up
  • 24/7 admission hotline for emergencies

The next one is the critical illness insurance which covers early stage of cancer, heart attack, kidney failure and more. It’s the first online insurance plan that covers up to 50 different critical illnesses in one plan! The rest of the benefits for this plan are:

  • Sum insured up to RM250,000
  • 50% payout of sum insured for early stage
  • 100% payout of sum insured for advanced stage

Last but not least, a life insurance plan is also covered in AXA eCombo. It covers and pays out a sum of money for natural death, accidental death or total permanent disability. Among the benefits are:

  • Sum insured up to RM250,000
  • 100% payout for death or total permanent disability
  • 200% payout for accidental death


3. It’s super easy to acquire the AXA eCombo insurance plan


Since it’s exclusively available online, there’s no need to sit in a long queue, meet third parties, submit physical documents or wait for long approval periods. All you have to do is:

  • Log on to the website
  • Get a quotation or customize the coverage to your preference
  • Answer a few health questions
  • Fill in your personal details
  • Make the payment

And that’s it! The entire process takes about 10 minutes and you’re immediately covered, fast and easy! On top of that, you can also opt for only two or even one plan within the AXA eCombo. Just adjust the sliders to choose how much coverage you want or if you want only one type of coverage, just drag the slider for the other two to zero!


4. The plan also covers COVID-19 expenses

If you’ve been diagnosed with COVID-19 and sent to a private hospital, all diagnostic procedures and stay in isolation ward are covered prior to being transferred to a government hospital. On top of that, any Malaysian aged 15 days old to 49 years old are eligible for the AXA eCombo plan and the coverage extends to when you reach 80 years old. That pretty much covers most of your life!

With a price as low as RM71/month, the package covers your life, medical expenses and offers a lump sum cash payout if you are diagnosed with a critical illness, so you don’t have to stress out about which plan or how many to purchase. As an added bonus, new customers who purchase the plan from now until 31 December 2020 will receive Grab Food vouchers worth up to RM50!

If you need to know more details about AXA eCombo, go ahead and visit the AXA eCombo website where you can find a breakdown of the entire plan.

Not insured yet? Get online and customise your very own AXA eCombo insurance plan to start protecting you and your family today!


Source: Freepik

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