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TEST: [QUIZ] Which Childhood M’sian Snack Are You? Find Out Based On Your Driving Habits!

If you grew up in Malaysia, you’ll most probably remember snacking on treats like the golden plum candy or ais krim potong. These childhood snacks weren’t just addictive but had their own unique characteristics that can be matched with our own personalities in many ways!


Are you someone who is patient and likes to savour every bite of the treat like when you’re enjoying a golden plum candy? Maybe you’re like an ice gem biscuit with both a soft and hard side. Want to know which you are and which childhood snack most closely resembles your personality? Well then, answer this quiz by telling us what you’re like on the road and we’ll tell you exactly which snack you should be!

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Which Childhood M’sian Snack Are You? Find Out Based On Your Driving Habits!

Are you a golden plum candy or aiskrim potong? It is said that we are what we eat so tell us your driving habits and we'll tell you which childhood snack you are!

Do any of the snacks match your driving personality? The next time you’re on the road, remember that safety and patience always pay off! We should also mention that one should avoid driving on an empty stomach too as it could distract you and cause you to lose focus while driving. Don’t wanna be hangry on the road after all!

Well, for those of you who always need a quick meal or alas perut before heading out the door and can’t be bothered to cook before or after a long drive, consider stocking up on instant meals that will save you a lot of time and effort in the kitchen!

Sounds like a good idea? Well, lucky for you, Knorr has just the selection of wholesome instant foods to satisfy all your different needs and cravings!

ICYMI, the ready-to-eat instant meals by Knorr come in four different ranges of guilt-free foods:

  1. Instant Cup/Sachet Pasta – Fusilli pasta in three authentic Italian flavours made with real ingredients and minus the MSG. Flavours: Chicken Bolognese, Creamy Carbonara & Creamy Mushroom
  2. Instant Mashed Potato – Wholesome mashed potato cups that are both delicious and comforting. Flavours: Chicken, Mushroom & Cheese
  3. Instant Cup/Sachet Porridge – For those who want a simple, filling and guilt-free snack. Premium Thai Jasmine Rice porridge with real vegetables and chicken pieces that can be ready in just two minutes. Flavours: Chicken & Mushroom

All these meals can be ready within two to five minutes so you can spend less time cooking if you’re in a rush or whenever you want a quick meal minus the kitchen hassle. They’re also guilt-free and made with real ingredients!

So if you’re looking for fast, easy-to-prep meals that are tasty, filling and guilt-free, you can get Knorr instant meals online from either Shopee or Lazada and have them delivered straight to you!

Instant doesn’t mean boring. Try out some Knorr instant meals today!

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