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[TEST] “Must Drink Milk If You Want To Grow Taller!” & 5 Other Things M’sian Parents Made Us Take Growing Up

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It’s an undeniable fact that Malaysian parents are the most pro at making their children consume things that are good for them. We’ve all definitely been through it at least once in our lifetime!

From super gross-tasting liquids to yummy homemade chicken soup, let’s take a walk down memory lane and go through six things our parents made us eat growing up:


1. A big tablespoon of cod liver oil every morning after breakfast

Drink Multi Vitamin Syrup With Cod Liver Oil

Since cod liver oil has so many benefits, OF COURSE, our parents would make us eat a whole tablespoon of it every morning. Kudos to you if you managed to swallow it all at once without gagging! 🤢


2. To prevent us from overeating, we always had to chug a full glass of water before starting a meal

Istockphoto 1314069196 612X612 1

Drinking a glass of water before your meal has been proven to help with digestion and prevent you from overeating! Or maybe, it was just a way for our parents to make us drink water? Who knows 🤷🏻‍♀️

On a more serious note, make sure to drink lots and lots of water guys. It’s important! 


3. When exam season is coming up, chicken essence is your new best friend


Chicken essence helps to improve your memory and boost your energy which is probably why our parents always made us consume it during exam periods! Plus, it doesn’t taste all that bad so that’s a bonus too 😉


4. If we want to grow taller and have strong bones, a glass of milk every morning is a MUST!

Istockphoto 1336427635 612X612 1

Our mums told us that if we want strong bones and to grow tall, we have to drink at least one full glass of milk a day. Well, all we can say is, thankfully we listened! 🥛


5. To make sure we never get sick, we had to eat chewable vitamin c tablets every morning! 

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Vitamin C is really important as it helps ensure our immune system functions properly at all times and the chewable tablets that we were made to eat always tasted like candy so we never complained! 🍊


6. Cereal and oat drinks for breakfast so we wouldn’t get hungry too fast

Dsc06152 Thumb 1

As kids, we were always on the go, looking for things to do and games to play which meant that we needed to eat nutritious foods to keep our energy levels up regardless of whether we were at school or at home!

With that said, our parents made us consume cereal beverages or oat drinks as it’s one of the healthiest grains and it’d keep us full for longer.

However, now that we’re older and our parents no longer force us to eat or drink certain foods, it’s important that we ourselves continue fueling our bodies with things that are healthy and well-balanced. Health is wealth, guys!

And if you’ve been looking for something to consume that’s convenient to make on the go and healthy too, why not give ecoBrown’s new PLUS Series Brown Rice Drink a try?

Yup, that’s right! You can actually drink brown rice now and fuel your body with more wholesome and yummy ingredients! YASSS! 🥳🤎

Key Visual 2 1


OMG, I’m interested! What makes the PLUS Series Brown Rice Drink so special?? 

Ever since the pandemic hit, we’ve all been extra cautious with our health which also means taking extra care of our diets and making sure we’re healthy overall. So, you’d be glad to know that ecoBrown’s PLUS Series Brown Rice Drink is made with the goodness of high quality unpolished brown, red and black rice! 😍

It also comes in three super delicious flavours which are Cereal PLUS, Cocoa PLUS and Coffee PLUS!!!

Wow, you’re definitely spoilt for choice! Furthermore, brown rice has lots of vitamins & minerals and it also prevents blood sugar spikes due to its fibre content so it’s the perfect drink to consume on a busy day.

Because it’s made from such wholesome ingredients, the PLUS Series Brown Rice Drink is a perfect source of Vitamins B1, B2, B3 and B6. It’s also free from trans-fat! 👏🏻

As Malaysians, we all lead incredibly busy lives and are always on the move. Whether we’re travelling for meetings or just stuck in traffic, we’re glad that the ecoBrown’s PLUS Series Brown Rice Drink is extremely convenient to make which means we’ll still be fueling our bodies with wholesome foods even when we’re busy ❤️


Wondering which flavour to go for? Here’s a breakdown of each of the flavours:

  • ecoBrown’s PLUS Cereal Drink — With a mixture of both cereal and oats, it’s a healthier and quicker alternative to get your daily nutrients in. It makes for a great breakfast too! 🌾
  • ecoBrown’s PLUS Cocoa Drink — Made with the perfect amount of cocoa and unpolished brown, red and black rice, this is a healthier version of your favourite hot chocolate 🍫
  • ecoBrown’s PLUS Coffee Drink  —  Coffee lovers, unite! The Coffee Drink is made with a delicious blend of roasted coffee which makes for the perfect morning drink to fuel your body for the rest of the day. ☕


Woohoo! There’s truly something for everyone!


Wow!! Not only is it nutritious, but it’s also incredibly accessible and affordable! 

Yay, we’re super excited for you to try ecoBrown’s PLUS Series Brown Rice Drink!! Since it’s super convenient and nutritious, you’ll definitely love it! 💪🏻

You’ll be glad to know that ecoBrown’s PLUS Series Brown Rice Drink is priced at only RM13.50 and it’s available at all supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide such as Aeon Supermarket. Additionally, you can also buy them on the ecoBrown’s website and on their Shopee & Lazada pages respectively.

But waaait, that’s not the best part! 🤭

From now until 31st December 2021, you can enjoy an exclusive 20% discount when you shop on ecoBrown’s website with the code “ECOPLUS20“!

AND, because the team at ecoBrown’s is so generous and really excited for you to try their new PLUS Series Brown Rice Drink, they have even prepared a special code just for WOB readers!!

Get 30% off ecoBrown’s PLUS Series Brown Rice Drink with the code ‘30Worldofbuzz when you shop on their website from now until 30th September! WOOHOO! 😍🎉

We can’t deny that Malaysians definitely love a good discount so this is the perfect time to buy the PLUS Series Brown Rice Drink and try it for yourself today!


Now that you know all about the goodness of the PLUS Series Brown Rice Drink, are you excited to try it?? After all, it’s incredibly nutritious and super convenient which makes for a perfect beverage on a busy day!

If you’d like to shop for the ecoBrown’s PLUS Series Brown Rice Drink or any other ecoBrown’s products, make sure you visit their website today! To know more about ecoBrown’s, you can also follow their Facebook or Instagram page!


Source: Rane Chin
Source: iStock Photo
Source: iStock Photo

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