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[TEST] M’sian Millennials Share 5 Struggles Of Being A Working Mum In This Modern Age That We Don’t Talk About Enough

Throughout recent years, it is very common for women to maintain a career even after starting a family. But have we ever stopped to wonder how much effort goes into being a working mum? They rarely get the appreciation they deserve and they also have to put up with so many other struggles!

Here’s what a couple of working mums had to share with us about the struggles they face in this day and age:


1. “My boss doesn’t prefer hiring female employees because they’re ‘inconvenient'”

“He mainly meant married female employees because they could get pregnant at any time and when they do, they’d need to be given long maternity leaves.

He’d even ask female interviewees about their marital status. If they’re single, he’d probe further by asking about their marriage plans. This is just one of the many unfair treatments that women face in the workplace.” – Anna, 30, General Manager with two kids


2. “No matter how educated I am, I’m still defined by society’s stereotypes”

“I took a break from my career after giving birth. A few years later, I decided to pursue my masters degree before getting back into the working field. But once, I overheard my relatives telling my mother “She’s already doing fine at home with the kid, just let the husband work lah.”

To them, pursuing my studies or career isn’t important. Instead, what’s important is to stay home, cook, clean and look after the kids because ‘that’s what women are supposed to do’.” – Gia, 29, Part-time Masters Student with one daughter


3. “I didn’t get promoted just because I’m a working mother”

“I’ve been with my current company for five whole years. But recently, a male colleague (with less experience than me) got promoted to a position that I have been working hard to earn.

I confronted my boss about it and he explained it’s because my colleague is younger with no commitments. In a nutshell, my boss thinks I can’t give my 100% to the job just because I have more responsibilities at home.” – Nani, 37, Senior Executive with three kids


4. “I earn just as much as my husband but people expect me to handle all of the household matters”

“My husband and I are both working parents. At our home, we don’t assign roles. We’d alternate doing laundry, cooking and everything else but people are always shocked by this!

It’s because they assume those tasks should fall on the wife. But why is that the case when women are out working just like other men? Isn’t it fair to share out these responsibilities so everyone can take a break once in a while?” – Leeya, 33, Internal Auditor with two kids


5. “People would often try to ‘guilt trip’ me for being a working mother”

“Whenever we have a big family gathering, there are always makcik bawangs who will guilt-trip me into thinking I’m abandoning my children. In actuality, I’m working hard to provide a comfortable life for them!

They’d even try to scare me by saying kids with two working parents would become rebellious and unsuccessful so as the mother, I need to make sure that doesn’t happen. Which is quite funny because last I checked, it’s BOTH the parents’ responsibility, right?” – Reesa, 35, Operations Manager with three kids


After listening to these incredible women, it’s clear that it is not easy being a working mum. They’re willing to sacrifice so much for the comfort of their loved ones so rather than giving them a hard time, we need to start uplifting these modern-day superwomen. Which is why we think this recent campaign by Lady’s Choice is a great starting point!

Through their #KeepingItReal campaign, Lady’s Choice wants to show their solidarity to all working mums out there and encourage them to share about their journey through motherhood.

Lady’s Choice aims to encourage everyone to start having real conversations about the highs and lows of being a mother and also shed some much-needed light on all the hard work and sacrifices women go through every day. Intrigued to find out more?

Then make sure you tune in to their series taking place this Sunday at 8.30PM via the Instagram livestream hosted by Amyra Rosli & Charis Wong!

Hopefully, our society will start realising that working mums just want to give the best things in life to their loved ones. Some of them are juggling so much that they rarely have any time for themselves anymore! No time for breakfast also leh!

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So, to all working mums out there, chin up! If you’re currently having a hard time, don’t forget to catch the #KeepingItReal IG livestream on the Lady’s Choice Instagram page to find out how other mothers out there overcome their own challenges.

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What other struggles have you or someone you know faced as a working mother? Share with us below!

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