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[TEST] Melting In This Heat Lately? M’sians Share 5 Ways To Beat The Heat At Home Without Running The A/C!

Has your electric bill been high lately? It’s most probably because you’ve had your air conditioner on at full blast all day and night and we understand why. It’s because our country is going through the yearly heatwave and we need to beat the heat somehow, right?

There are alternative ways to keep yourself cool throughout the day though, and you won’t even have to keep the A/C running all day. Some Malaysians have shared their ways of getting through the unbearably hot days and we think they’re great tips! Here’s what they suggest:

1. Invest in some blackout curtains

These heavy and thick curtains are great for blocking out sunlight. Try installing some in your home to block out the sun and keep things nice and cool indoors. Just remember to keep track of time or you won’t even realise it’s already night time!

“I got some blackout curtains for my living room, where most of the light comes into my house and it cooled the house down quite a bit during the day. We only use fans now instead of having the air cond on.” – Sim, 32


2. Change your bedsheets to something more breathable

The type of material your bed sheets are made of makes a world of difference when you are trying to sleep. Consider getting bamboo, sateen or linen sheets, or any other material that is breathable. This way, your body can still have breathing room when lying in bed and you won’t feel stuffy on hot nights anymore.

“After I swapped my sheets out with more breathable ones, I can finally sleep better at night because my back won’t be sweating from the heat and humidity during this heatwave” – Lara, 26


3. Get more floor fans for your house

While having the air conditioner on is great, it will certainly hike up your electric bill. Fans, however, use a lot less power and they can be moved easily! Just place one or maybe a couple next to you and let it keep heat away from you. You can buy a few and put them in every room of your house too. However many you buy, it’s a good investment because of how hot our country can get.

“I have a mini waterproof fan in my bathroom because I start sweating even right after a shower and it’s annoying to have to shower again” – Henry, 29


4. Sleep or sit on the floor, underneath the heat

Being closer to the ground actually helps because hot air rises while cool air sinks. Instead of sitting at your desk to do work, get a comfortable cushion and bring your laptop down to the floor. You can also get comfortable sleeping on the floor and it’ll probably feel even cooler since you’re lying down flat.

It’s also quite cooling to sit or lie down on the floor because of the tiles. Floor tiles don’t absorb much heat so they’re much cooler to sit on compared to a bed or sofa.

“I took my mattress off the bed frame and put it on the floor with a stand fan next to me. It felt a lot cooler sleeping close to the floor and I might just make this a norm for sleeping in this hot weather” – Choong, 34


5. Stock up on food and drinks that can cool you down

The next time you’re out buying groceries, get things like watermelons, cucumbers or ice-cream that can help you cool down on a hot day. You can try and freeze some fruits like grapes or strawberries to enjoy when the day is at its hottest, and they make for healthy snacks too!

“My husband and I usually buy watermelons and keep them in the refrigerator until they’re nice and chilled. It’s really an enjoyable and inexpensive way to cool down on a hot day” – Lina, 27

There are many ways to make cooling beverages at home too, like making an ice-blended fruit juice or drinking coconut juice. If you’re old enough to indulge, you can even stock up your fridge with some ice-cold beers!

If you want something to beat the heat with, try some Tiger Crystal!

Made at a crystal-cold temperature of -1 degree Celsius, Tiger Crystal is a beverage that’s refreshing and less bitter, perfect for the hot weather.

Here are a few activities we can think of that would be perfect for enjoying with your Tiger Crystal:

  • A barbecue session at night
  • A hotpot lunch or dinner with friends and family at home
  • Chilling by the pool
  • Outdoor picnics
  • Party celebrations

No matter what you’re doing, you can bet that Tiger Crystal will keep you cool in this insane heatwave with attractive promotions which you can check out here. If you’re looking to stock up on some, just head over to Drinkies or Shopee and order a few packs of crystal-cold coolness!

What’s more, for a limited time only, customers will get an exclusive Tiger Crystal flask with every purchase of two 6-can packs of Tiger Crystal at selected outlets and platforms! It comes in two cool colours to choose from so you can match it with your personal aesthetic. Here’s how, what, where and when to get one:

  • 15th March to 30th April 2021
    • Available at Giant, Village Grocer, Ben’s Independent Grocer, East Malaysia, Drinkies, Shopee
  • 15th April to 31st May 2021
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To find all participating outlets, click HERE.

Don’t wait any longer, beat the heat with Tiger Crystal right away!

Tiger Crystal and all related promotions are open to non-Muslims aged 21 years and above only. Remember that it’s NOT cool to drink and drive. Always drink responsibly and follow all MCO or CMCO SOPs to keep yourself and others out of trouble!

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