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[TEST] Here’s How TNB’s Recent Electricity Price ‘Hike’ Actually Affects Your Utility Bill

Here's How Tnb's Recent Electricity Price 'hike' Actually Affects Your Utility Bill - World Of Buzz

In case you didn’t realise, Energy Commission (EC) has recently implemented the Imbalance Cost Pass-Through (ICPT) for July to December 2018.

Here's How Tnb's Recent Electricity Tariff Surcharge Actually Affects Your Utility Bill - World Of Buzz

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Does it actually affect your home’s electricity bill?

TNB said that they would be passing on any changes in the fuel and generation costs to consumer’s electricity tariff and since there was an increase, many people thought that they would have to fork out more money for their electricity.

Actually, that’s not true for residential homes!

In fact, for domestic users (houses), the rate remains the SAME and there should NOT be an increase in your bill. Unless you used more electricity that month, of course!

Here's How Tnb's Recent Electricity Tariff Surcharge Actually Affects Your Utility Bill - World Of Buzz 1

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Then what is this surcharge that they are talking about? Don’t worry if you are feeling confused about this, because we’re breaking it down!

The ICPT surcharge only affects COMMERCIAL and INDUSTRIAL users

  1. TNB passes on the changes (either increase or reduction) in fuel and other generation-related costs in the electricity tariff every six months using ICPT.
  2. From January to June 2018, TNB incurred an additional RM698.19 million due to the increased costs.
  3. That’s why from July to December 2018, a surcharge of 1.35 sen for every kWh consumed is added to your bill, which means you will be charged more, but ONLY for commercial and industrial users.
  4. Domestic customers with a monthly consumption of 300kWh (RM77) and below will NOT be affected by this ICPT implementation.
  5. Domestic customers who use more than 300kWh (RM77) a month will not be charged as well as the ICPT surcharge will be funded by Kumpulan Wang Industri Elektrik (KWIE).
Here's How Tnb's Recent Electricity Tariff Surcharge Actually Affects Your Utility Bill - World Of Buzz 2

Source: kaodim

Basically, if you are using electricity at home, you won’t be experiencing any price hike in your bill as domestic users are protected from ICPT surcharges. However, for commercial or industrial users, they are subjected to the surcharge and will have to pay more. Your company may already have seen this reflected in their July bill!

So, calm down guys! Don’t jump the gun and scold TNB lah! And of course, we should always strive to be energy efficient no matter at home or at work and not waste electricity!

For more information, you can check out TNB’s website here.

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