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[TEST] From Live Sports Matches To TV Dramas, M’sians Are Going Crazy Over This New FREE Streaming Service!

It’s back to MCO life for most of us which means we’re staying home all day, every day with lots of free time on our hands. Some of us have started searching for new things to do to keep us occupied because we’ve pretty much run out of things to do at home.

Truth be told, as much as other activities can keep us occupied, there’s truly nothing like relaxing with your favourite TV show or series while staying safe at home. When else will you have this much time to watch TV, right??

Since everyone is at home this MCO period, we’re pretty sure most of you will have to fight with your siblings, partners or even parents over who gets to watch their TV shows. It can get pretty frustrating, right?

If you can relate to that, then you’re gonna love what’s next!

With sooka, your new favourite streaming app, you’ll have FREE access to your favourite local & international TV shows, movies and live sports matches from your phone or laptop! 😍

Yes, you read that right! No need to share your TV screen with anyone anymore 😃

This MCO period, watching your favourite shows or live sports matches has never been easier. With sooka, your TV is literally in the palm of your hands!


Cool right!? So, what’s exactly available on the sooka platform?

If boredom has taken over your life this MCO, then fret not because sooka has got you covered. Whether you’re into cooking shows, action-comedy movies or even classic Malaysian dramas, it’s all available on one platform.

That’s right, not only will you get access to Malay, English, Chinese & Indian content but you’ll also be able to stream your favourite cooking shows, live sports matches & interviews! 😍

With sooka, you’ll be able to access these titles and more:

  • Full access to Malay TV content such as Rindu Awak Separuh Nyawa, The Maid and Projek Anchor SPM and variety shows like Maharaja Lawak and Rasapedia.
  • Catch your favourite Chinese shows like My True Friend, Dear Prince and Wonder Kiss. You’ll also have access to classic Cantonese dramas such as Legend Of Fu Yao and Monstrous Me!
  • Never miss Indian TV classics such as Serial Pei, Ramarajan and Yaar Avan! There is also Indian variety shows available on sooka too!
  • Watch exclusive sooka originals like PHD Muzik and Hawa!

On top of all that, you’ll also be able to catch all your favourite local & international live sports matches such as the English Premier League, UEFA EURO 2020™, BWF Badminton Tournaments, Moto GP, and F1!

Are you shook yet?


Nice! Where can I access sooka and are there any charges? 

Watching “TV” has never been easier ‘cos sooka is available on Google Play Store, Apple App Store and on their website!

The best part of all is that it’s FREE for everyone to use! Yup, that’s right. You’ll have access to most of the titles we listed above for free. 🎉 Do note that you may have to purchase the VIP package to access all titles & episodes. 

If you’d like full access to more titles, sooka originals AND live sporting events & matches, you can upgrade to:

  • VIP+Sports — RM15.90 per month (This is an introductory price valid until 7 July 2021, original price of the VIP+Sports plan is RM41.90)
  • VIP Entertainment — RM15.90 per month

Additionally, you can also pay to watch selected individual sports matches without subscribing to the full VIP+Sports plan! Talk about a fully customised experience, right?



Wait, there’s more! If you’re a football fan, check this promo out! 

Since UEFA EURO 2020™ is starting on the 12th of June in Malaysia, we’re pretty sure you’ve got football fever already, right? Well, lucky for you, sooka’s VIP+Sports plan will include UEFA EURO 2020™ matches too!

From now ’til 7th July, when you upgrade to the VIP+Sports plan for only RM15.90 (normal price: RM41.90), you’ll get full access to all VIP+Sports content AND all 51 UEFA EURO 2020™ matches for three months! ⚽

You can also opt to purchase a single UEFA EURO 2020™ pass at RM7.90 per match! Pretty cool, huh? Thanks to sooka, you won’t have to experience laggy football streaming at home!



What are you guys waiting for? It’s the perfect opportunity to catch up on all your favourite TV shows or have an MCO movie marathon! Make sure you download the sooka app on Google Play Store and Apple App Store today, or just click here to watch via your laptop!

To know more about sooka’s latest updates, be sure to follow their Facebook page!





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