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[TEST] 7 Things Only Malaysians Who Watch Football Are Crazy Enough To Do

We’ve all heard of how hyper dedicated fans of anything popular can be. But none of them are as hardcore as football fans, especially Malaysians, who throughout the history of the sport have done some crazy things all for the sake of supporting their favourite teams and enjoying the sport with like-minded people.

If you don’t believe us, let’s look at some of the (pre-MCO) things Malaysians were willing to do for the sport they love:

1. They’re willing to sit through horrendous traffic to catch a match at their favourite mamak

If you live in areas like Bangsar or Sunway, we’re pretty sure you’ve come across heavy traffic at weird hours, like after midnight, before. Chances are, there was a big football match happening and fans were all flocking to popular “makan spots” to watch it. To do so, they’d sit in traffic and spend hours looking for parking and all you could do was sit tight until you pass the jam, unless you’re actually one of them.


2. They arrive a few hours early before the match to ‘chup’ a good table

During the pre-Covid era, mamaks were a hotspot for football fans.

Malaysian football fans are an extremely patient bunch who will show up at a mamak or any other venue that broadcasts live football matches to book a good table with a good view. These places would quickly get crowded and stay crowded for hours until the match is over. If you were ever looking for a late-night mamak snack during football season, chances are you will just have to tapau your food and eat at home.


3. They can stay up super late and still go to work the next day or take MC

This is what happens when you watch football until 5am.

The love for football can easily be seen in Malaysians who watch international matches that start at 3am and are still able to go to work in the morning. In fact, some of them don’t even sleep. The ones who cannot be bothered to go to work the next day will just apply for medical leave or emergency leave on the eve of a big football match. Speaking from experience, ahem.

Thankfully, with UEFA EURO 2020 happening this month during MCO, there is one silver lining to it – most of us are still working from home and that means we can take short naps during work hours after staying up all night watching the match! What a great strategy!


4. They can debate better than a professional debate team

God forbid if you ever disagree with a kiasu Malaysian football fan’s opinion on the game, or their favourite team. Even if you have some knowledge of football and you’re looking to argue with a hardcore fan, you’ll most likely be on the losing side because they will spew out all the facts, statistics and even history of the game just to prove you wrong. Even if you have a PhD in football, we suggest staying out of any arguments with a fan.


5. They continue playing football even after an injury

Fans who actually play football/futsal themselves can get back into the field not long after a serious injury. Fractured bones or concussions don’t seem to faze them and they will continue playing with their friends or local leagues. If we didn’t know any better, we would think hardcore football fans have superpowers like an accelerated healing factor.


6. They spend a ton of money on football merchandise

Football merch are extremely valuable especially if they’re endorsed by a famous professional footballer. Their value goes to greater heights if the merchandise is signed by a player. It’s common to see Malaysian football fans spend thousands of ringgit to get their hands on an exclusive edition jersey or a boot with their favourite player’s signature on it. Not only that, these items would continue to grow in value and become collector’s items in the future!


7. Virtually nothing can stop them from watching football

Not even fierce Asian parents could block their passion let alone a raging thunderstorm or their car breaking down on the way to see a match at their usual spot.

While their dedication is impressive, fans have met their match when the pandemic hit our shores. Many live sports matches worldwide were either cancelled or postponed and no one could watch any games even they wanted to. Now that sports events are making a comeback, fans are glad they can watch their teams in action again although it may not be as exciting considering MCO and SOPs are still in effect.

But the passion and spirit of football is not something so easily dampened! Football fans across the country are still getting excited as they gear up for UEFA EURO 2020 happening this month!

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